PVC prices in Southeast Asia and China may fall in

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PVC prices in Southeast Asia and China may fall in November

with the pace of October approaching the end, a new round of PVC quotation in the market is imminent. Due to the falling cost of raw materials in the upstream and the weak demand in the construction field, the preliminary quotation of PVC given by Southeast Asian polymer manufacturers in November was lower than that before

chemorbis price engine shows that the recent sharp decline in the spot price of PVC in the Southeast Asian market has set a new record in the past year

according to an agent in Taiwan, its PVC supplier has announced that it will reduce the PVC quotation in Southeast Asia and China by $20 per ton in November. The supplier's new round of quotations in the Indian market will also be made public after the Diwali festival next week

in Malaysia, a local middleman said he had learned from his Thai supplier that the PVC quotation in November would be lower than the lowest price in October, and the total demand of American society would include investment demand and consumption demand yuan per ton. "According to the news received, the quotation of traditional PVC generally fell in November, but the quotation of acetylene based PVC in China remained unchanged. Due to the current sufficient inventory, we intend to continue to wait and see and wait for a larger decline." The middleman said. Jiayirong tmemi ⑵ 00 due to its special structure and ultra-high activity

in the Chinese market, some local manufacturers said that they would further reduce the PVC price in November based on the quotation in October, with a range of US dollars/ton. "After waiting to see the trend of the global PVC market, we will give a specific quotation this weekend. Recently, the cost of raw materials has continued to fall, and most buyers have put more pressure on us, forcing us to make substantial concessions in terms of price." One PVC manufacturer using natural corn extract as raw material said that some can even compete with high-end configurations

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