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Bank ATM network PVC solution

bank ATM network PVC solution Shunde radio and Television Corporation Wu Shiyan's service describes the configuration method and principle of PVC on ATM. PVC: configuration method; Principle 1. Scheme overview: connect with dozens of points through a core routing switch, and each point and the bank are completed through photoelectric conversion equipment. Due to the security and stability of banking business, it is decided to realize private service through permanent virtual circuit PVC of ATM network. Tairj45 is connected, and the center is connected with 3810 and 2400 of each town station through ATM core switch 210. Advantages of the scheme: the scheme mainly starts from the configuration parameters of the equipment. Using the existing equipment, optimize the configuration as the center, and provide users with high-quality service quality assurance. 2. Specific implementation of the scheme: 2.1 scheme Description: some companies' ATM backbone border routers, three tnx210 as ATM core switches, provide users with bandwidth guaranteed VPN services through the configuration of core switches and border devices: according to the characteristics of banking business, the following scheme is formulated: the central computer room of the bank is connected to the esx2400 of the central data room through a 100m optical fiber, The following points are connected with the central machine room through a PVC to ensure the connectivity from the central machine room to the following points, but the following points cannot communicate with each other (i.e. in a point to multipoint manner). The communication between them is controlled by the bank, so as to ensure the accuracy and security of bank business data and the normal operation of bank business. 2.2 the specific configuration is interworking with VCC (PVC), in which the main circuit is from Le flow to the center and from Xingtan to the center, and the backup circuit is from Le flow to Xingtan. It is bundled with the Ethernet port in a bridgegroup. VCC on is bundled with UPC or the rate group of PVC is set on esx24800. 2.3 configuration command 3.1: the configuration of the edge device es3810 is relatively simple. It only provides layer 2 switching, mainly creating VLANs and dividing ports (provided that the whole ATM network must be connected). In the whole network, the ID number of the same VLAN should be the same, and the VCI value should match the VCI value in the core switch 210, and cannot be repeated on other 3810. At the same time, it should be noted that 1483bridged protocol must be selected to configure PVC in es3810, This protocol defines the transmission rules of atmpvc. Connect two VCCS (PVC) from the center 210 to Leliu 210 and Xingtan 210, and then connect other points to 2400 through 3810 to 210 switches. Schematic diagram of interface connection (this paper only selects several PVC configurations on 3810, 210 and 2400 as examples, and the other PVC configurations are the same.) 3. The configuration process port is the interface between the center 210 and 2400), and then it is bound in the same bridge group 7 through the lal6 port. The name of the bridge group is sdzhpvc, and the city branch connection is provided through the lal6 port. 3.2 the configuration on txn210 in the center is 3.3 Le flow tnx210 configuration 3.4 Xingtan tnx210 configuration 210 is configured with two-way PVC, so each PVC needs to be configured twice, so the data can flow in two directions; At the same time, it should be noted that the ports cannot be configured incorrectly, otherwise the PVC will be blocked, That is to say, the same VCI value is a continuous path from the beginning to the end (2> because the software version of the center 210 is different from that of the other two 210, the input commands are also different, but the function is the same. Both of them are configured with bidirectional PVC. 3.5 notes: because PVC is a point-to-point special circuit, if there is a PVC with a starting point but no end point, or there is an end point but no starting point, for example, when configuring, there is an additional PVC with a VCI of 141 on the center 210, because there is no PVC with a corresponding VCI of 141 on the other 3810 and 2400, It will cause the cells on other relevant PVC circuits to appear the phenomenon of premature cracking, which is manifested as packet loss on the network. If a PVC is missing on one of the devices, the whole PVC circuit will not work except for packet loss. Therefore, when abnormal packet loss or impassability occurs in the network, it is necessary to focus on checking whether the PVC ports are paired and whether there are redundant or insufficient PVC circuits. 4. Data protection ATM converts the IP packets sent by the user end into ATM network information through ATM edge switch. 7. Speed regulation range: 1 ⑵ 00mm/min cells are transmitted on PVC, Contrary to the tensile test, before reaching the destination end, the cells are converted into IP packets through the ATM edge switch. "As long as 1 plastic is mixed with household garbage. In this process, the data is only transmitted on the divided corresponding vpi/vci. The transparent bridging (pvcbridging) of PVC is controlled by the ATM Forum formulate. It is a technology that connects LAN segments located locally or remotely to form a logic sub. In the environment of multiple LAN segments, transparent bridge, a network device, can filter lanifes (lanframe), and only transmit frames to the destination segment according to the divided PVC channel, rather than spreading or broadcasting to other segments. It checks the source MAC (mediaaccesscontrol) address of each LAN frame to determine which segment the device sending the frame is located in and memorize it. After that, the bridge will transmit the frame to the corresponding segment according to the destination MAC address of each LAN. It should be emphasized that each LAN frame should be specially encapsulated, such as following the protocol rfc1483, before it can be transmitted on the ATM link.) After the switch ports are assigned to different users, they belong to different bridge groups and PVC (vpi/vci). Even if users use the same segment, they are separated from each other and cannot feel the existence of each other. (4) According to the needs of different users, firewall settings, NAT address translation (Technology), VPN technology and other steps can be taken at the user end to improve security measures. Therefore, it is impossible to steal data on the ATM network, and the data is safe. 5. Test situation: through the test of each PVC, it is suggested that the enterprise run stably, quickly and safely with the help of the "same quality, same standard and same line" project in the national food industry, and the bearing business effect is good. The packet loss rate is 0, the delay from each point to the sub branch (32bytes) is between 15ms, and the delay when ping2048bytes is less than 10ms, which solves the problems of the original frame relay circuit, such as slow speed, large packet loss rate, unstable circuit, and so on. Each point cannot communicate with each other, which fully achieves the expected effect, and is highly praised by users

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