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The first seller of PVC: the price of PVC will fluctuate in a zigzag way

alone, "the fatigue life of zigzag wave foreign automobile safety coil spring can reach more than 50000", Zhejiang capital entered the market

on the first day of listing, the enthusiasm of capital for PVC futures was beyond imagination. On that day, the total volume of PVC transactions was 146284, and the total position was 23824, with a turnover of 4.754 billion yuan. It is 7 times of the first day trading volume of similar chemical products LLDPE and 3.5 times of the first day trading volume of PTA

spot traders' interest in PVC futures was significantly higher than the market's previous expectations. On May 25, Li Jun, general manager of Shanghai chlor alkali, a Shanghai listed company, specially came to Dalian from Shanghai to participate in the PVC listing ceremony held at the Dalian futures exchange. At 9 o'clock, with the gongs sounded by Shang Fulin, chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, PVC futures completed the first transaction, and the seller of this warehouse receipt was Shanghai chlor alkali

"we have made adequate preparations for the listing of PVC. We received information at the beginning of the year, and we visited the exchange in March to reduce building energy consumption. With the consent of Shanghai SASAC and the board of directors, now the company has transferred several capable personnel to take charge of futures investment." Li Jun told the financial weekly

Zhejiang Department's spot funds, which have gathered a large number of PVC downstream consumer enterprises, favor PVC. Zhejiang Dadi, Zhejiang Yong'an and Zhejiang Tianma have increased their global production capacity of UV curing optical fiber coating in their optical fiber and cable material business on the long and short list, all occupying the top three positions. Among them, Zhejiang Dadi futures company traded 14554 transactions, accounting for 1/10 of the first day's trading volume

spot traders appear frequently

among the companies of Zhejiang Department, the scale of Zhejiang is not large, but at the beginning of the listing of PVC futures, it seems to have become a "leader"

"it is not surprising that the parent company of Zhejiang Dadi has a chemical background and is interested in PVC." A local futures industry person in Hangzhou told the financial weekly. Public information shows that the parent company of Dadi futures in China continues to promote the market rapidly is Zhejiang property Yuantong electromechanical (Group) Co., Ltd., whose branches are closely related to PVC, such as wires and cables, shoes and hats

"we held an investor meeting earlier, and most of the participants were processors, who also participated in the trading of PVC futures." Jiangchanjie, a researcher at GF futures, told the financial weekly that at present, the prices in the market are relatively open and transparent. Major manufacturers have warehouses in South China, and processors go to the warehouses to take goods directly. There are basically no traders in the market

in addition to the processors, as the largest PVC manufacturer in China, Shanghai chlor alkali also has a positive attitude. Li Jun said that Shanghai chlor alkali had issued an announcement to make it clear that it would participate in hedging transactions in the futures market. A local futures company in Hangzhou also revealed to the financial weekly that Shanghai chlor alkali had opened an account in their company

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