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OKI C9800 won the title of bell five-star product

recently, the C9800 series printer of Oki company, a world-famous commercial printing solution provider, also produces elastomer message stiffness test system, electro-hydraulic servo shock absorber performance and durability test bench, electro-hydraulic servo 4-channel harmonic loading test system, leaf spring electro-hydraulic servo test system, brake pad shear strength test machine, steering ball joint durability test bench and other machines, In the selection of bertl, the most authoritative evaluation organization in the United States, it has won the outstanding five-star award and is strongly recommended

Founded in 1990, as one of the earliest authoritative investigation institutions in the United States, bertl has always insisted on testing and evaluating various digital imaging equipment and process solutions from the perspective of end users, and has issued the world's largest number of evaluation reports covering more than 5000 mainstream manufacturers' products. As a professional and independent evaluation institution, the evaluation report, consumer satisfaction survey, product selection and product ranking provided by bertl have been highly recognized by the market. In Europe and the United States, bertl's award-winning products or recommended products have even become the direct standard for consumers to choose products

bertl said in the evaluation of Oki C9800 products: the five-star level only grants equipment error solutions that have made outstanding achievements in meeting important business features or functions, being innovative, easy to use, exquisite design, etc. For their target user groups, they are worth more

being able to get such high praise from bertl fully shows the strong strength of Oki company in the printer field. OKI products have always been good at excellent quality, and this C9800 is no exception. C9800 is an A3 level professional digital output device launched by Oki company, and its color output can reach the first-class standard in the industry; Stable performance, continuous high load operation, print quality is not affected, and the color is stable as one; It has a very competitive price advantage, whether it is the purchase cost in the early stage or the maintenance cost in the later stage. In the industry, this experimental machine adopts a neuron adaptive control system, which is competitive

in order to meet the output needs of digital printing and other industries, the C9800 has built-in high-precision image processing and color management functions. Users can centrally print high-tech products such as higher-precision image processing and variable printing. It is very suitable for design drawings, renderings, bidding documents, sample albums, promotional materials, invitation cards, certificates, wine lists and recipes, personalized prints The utilization rate of variable glass beer bottles is more than 90%. Digital fast printing operations such as information printing. These performance advantages created by leading technology have made Oki C9800 popular with users since it came into the Chinese market

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