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As a professional frequency converter manufacturer with the basis of motor design and production, orco drive has the advantages of "water safety and water supply automation"

in the application of constant pressure oxidation water supply technology, especially energy saving, safety, and improved water supply quality, and has been widely used in constant pressure water supply system

the constant pressure water supply speed regulation system realizes the stepless speed regulation of the pump motor, automatically adjusts the operating frequency of the pump according to the change of water consumption (actually the pressure change of the water supply pipe), and keeps the water pressure constant when the water consumption changes to meet the water consumption requirements. It is an advanced and reasonable energy-saving water supply system today

the built-in PID regulator of the Oko frequency converter, the pressure sensor instantly detects the pressure of the main pipe and converts it into an analog signal (V or MA), which is directly sent to the analog input port of the frequency converter, sets the given pressure value and PID parameter value, and controls the output frequency after the built-in PID operation of the frequency converter. The system parameters can be adjusted in the actual operation, so that the system control response tends to be complete. When the water consumption is small or no water is used, the pump has been running at a low speed, and the frequency converter automatically turns on the intelligent sleep function. Finally, people in the industry say that the pump stops running. When the water consumption increases and the pressure is not enough, the variable impact tester fault detection and maintenance frequency will automatically wake up, and the pump will run, which will greatly increase the service life of the pump and save electric energy more effectively

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