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Laohekou machine tool sheet metal customization/machine tool steel plate protective cover maintenance/machine tool stainless steel telescopic protective cover customization

Laohekou machine tool sheet metal customization/machine tool steel plate protective cover maintenance/machine tool stainless steel telescopic protective cover customization

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Laohekou machine tool sheet metal customization/machine tool steel plate protective cover maintenance/machine tool stainless steel telescopic protective cover customization

the gantry milling machine is composed of a gantry frame, a machine bed workbench and an electrical control system for stretching, bending, bending, tightening and other experiments, which are completed by replacing the attachments of the testing machine. The portal frame is composed of columns and top beams, with beams in the middle. The beam can move up and down along the guide rails of the two columns. There are 1 ~ 2 milling heads with vertical spindle on the beam, which can be made along the beam guide rail. A milling head with a horizontal spindle can be installed on the two vertical columns respectively, which can move up and down along the column guide rail. These milling heads can process several surfaces at the same time. Each milling head has a separate motor (power * * * up to 150 kW), speed change mechanism, control mechanism and spindle components

the horizontal long bed is erected with a movable workbench and covered with a shield. During processing, the workpiece is installed on the workbench and then used as a longitudinal gantry milling machine. There are also some variants to adapt to different processing objects. ① Gantry boring and milling machine: the beam is equipped with a milling and boring head that can be milled and bored. Its spindle (sleeve or RAM) can make axial motorized feed and has a motion fine-tuning device, and the fine-tuning speed can be as low as 5 mm/min. Boring and milling operations can be carried out. ② Gantry drilling and milling machine: the beam is equipped with a power head, and the drilling and milling operations can be completed by installing a drill or milling cutter through the extension rod.

the gantry milling machine bed is equipped with an X-axis guide rail, and the gantry milling machine is fastened on the bed. A gantry is erected on the movable span above the workbench, and the gantry also includes: gantry carriage, which is movably clamped on the x-axis guide rail. The z-axis guide rail is installed on the gantry. The beam is equipped with a Z-axis carriage, the beam is movably clamped on the z-axis guide rail through the z-axis carriage, and the beam is also equipped with a Y-axis. The milling device of the gantry milling machine is movably installed on the y-axis guide rail, so that the gantry can be used as a three-dimensional space of X, y and Z axes under the control of the NC circuit control system. The CNC gantry milling machine has high-precision milling, drilling, boring, cutting and other operations

boring machine must be used. At that time, Watt used the water wheel to rotate the metal cylinder and push the tool fixed in the center forward to cut the inside of the cylinder. As a result, the error of the cylinder with a diameter of 75 inches was less than a thickness, which was very advanced in the industry. The worktable lifting boring machine was born (Hutton, 1885). In the following decades, people made many improvements to Wilkinson's boring machine. In 1885, Hutton, England, manufactured a bench lift boring machine, which has become the prototype of modern boring machines, with an export of 10.19 million tons. Milling machine refers to the machine tool that mainly uses milling cutters to process various surfaces on the workpiece. Erb said this process is simple and safe. Generally, the rotation of milling cutter is the main motion, and the movement of workpiece (and) milling cutter is feed motion. It can process planes, grooves, and various curved surfaces, gears, etc. Milling machine is a machine tool that uses milling cutters to mill workpieces. It has strong flexibility. In addition to milling planes, grooves, gear teeth, threads and spline shafts, milling machines can also process more complex surfaces, with higher efficiency than planers

it is used to input the digitized part program, complete the storage of input information, data transformation, interpolation operation and realize various control functions. The driving device is the driving part of the actuator of CNC machine tools, including spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor. Under the control of numerical control device, it realizes the spindle and feed drive through electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system. When several feeds are linked, the machining of positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve can be completed. Auxiliary devices, some necessary supporting parts of index control machine tools, are used to ensure the operation of CNC machine tools, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring, etc. It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal devices, exchange worktables, numerical control turntables and numerical control dividing heads, as well as cutting tools and monitoring and detection devices. Programming and other equipment can be used to program and store parts outside the machine. cad:computeraideddesign。

some protective covers should be used outdoors. A heater must be installed in the protective cover to facilitate the cleaning of the window glass at any time in cooperation with the wiper to ensure the image effect. The auxiliary equipment control functions of the outdoor protective cover include automatic control and manual control. The heater/defroster and fan are automatically started or closed by the temperature sensor inside the protective cover, while the actions such as wiper and washer are realized by the control personnel through the operation of the control equipment. The outdoor shield is generally made of aluminum, coated steel, stainless steel or plastic that can be used in outdoor environment. The manufacturing materials must be able to withstand ultraviolet radiation, otherwise aging phenomena such as cracks, discoloration and strength reduction will occur soon. Heat in a low temperature environment, raise the internal temperature of the protective cover, and ensure the normal operation of the camera/lens; The internal or external fan can circulate the air in the cover and reduce the temperature in the protective cover; In places with more sand and less rain, it is also necessary to consider configuring washers

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