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OKI will display multi-functional products at bett 2009

Oki will use the 2009 booth where bett can fully meet various temperature control indicators specified in national standards to display a series of printers and multi-functional products in the field of education, including C810 A3 color printer, B400 A4 monochrome printer and c5550 MFP A4 color multi-functional integrated machine

c810 has a very comprehensive function, which allows schools and universities to produce teaching materials on a variety of substrates. B400 is considered to be the fastest and most reliable teaching printer according to the person in charge, while c5550 is a multi-functional integrated device with the functions of printing, copying, scanning and faxing

all Oki systems are equipped with complete software packages and Oki template manager, which can accurately match the file output requirements of the school

statement: you can check the electrical system

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