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Orco frequency converter strengthens the function of coal feeder and increases enterprise benefits

test the mature control and power device technology of orco frequency converter makes the speed jump of coal feeder. Each steel structure building is a "steel storage warehouse". The jump, runaway fault and stall phenomenon are completely eliminated, the electromagnetic compatibility function is also greatly improved, and the comprehensive protection function of the motor is also enhanced and improved. With the use of orco frequency converter, the working reliability and stability of the coal feeder have been greatly improved, the wear of machinery and belt has been reduced to the minimum limit, and the overall service life of the coal feeder has been extended; Moreover, orco inverter has lower equipment cost, which we need to actively invest in research and development. It has mature technology, simple use, complete functions, flexible operation and easy maintenance

coal feeding system is an important part of thermal power plant. Its operation directly affects the safety and stability of boiler operation. The efficient and stable work of coal feeder is related to the whole production progress. Due to the actual production, its experimental speed can reach 0.001mm/min ⑴ the actual consumption of electricity and gas will change greatly. In order to ensure that the boiler combustion meets the actual production needs, it is necessary to adjust the consumption of pulverized coal at any time and require the equipment to achieve accurate blanking. The Oko frequency converter ensures the control accuracy of the coal feeder and keeps the cleanliness of the worktable and operation panel, and minimizes the non-human shutdown factors, which has achieved good results and returns in the practical application of the power plant

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