The hottest old industrial base in Northeast China

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The old industrial base in Northeast China is ready for revitalization. Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. talks about the ice and fire of the industry

pack your bulk idea, save your app that has nowhere to be placed, and respect your serious professional attitude. Who would have thought that such a fashionable and vivid language came from the engineers who are known for their strictness. At the end of 2017, the first i5os developer practical salon was held in the i5 Research Institute of Shenyang machine tool group. A group of young engineers interpreted the Internet + in their own unique way, which shows the intelligent application upgrade brought by the i5 new industrial machine tool

since the implementation of the Revitalization Strategy from industrial machine tools to heavy industrial and mining equipment, nuclear power and chemical equipment, high-speed railway passenger cars, industrial robots, ships and aircraft, Northeast China, known as the Ministry of equipment of the Republic, has continuously made innovations and made contributions to the heavy industries of the great powers. It has climbed the slope and crossed the barrier on the road of new industrialization. At the same time, it is also facing a series of new challenges and bottlenecks, such as the heavy historical burden, the constraints of systems and mechanisms, and the pressure of international giants, Some state-owned enterprises even face the dilemma of starving to death on the way to innovation, and urgently need policy, financial and other support

March to the high end and break through the difficulties

machine tools are a barometer for measuring made in China

no one wants the traditional mass market goods, but the orders for i5 new products can't be received, and the cumulative number has exceeded 20000. Li Xiandong, Minister of enterprise culture of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, told that the phenomenon of ice and fire in the machine tool market is becoming more and more obvious

according to the data, the sales volume of ordinary lathes, which used to be very popular in the market of Shenyang machine tools, has shrunk sharply, and the annual sales volume has fallen sharply from more than 4 billion yuan at the peak to less than 1 billion yuan. However, due to the layout of i5 technological innovation 10 years in advance, the company finally detonated the market demand, helping the old mother machine break through the difficulties and achieve nirvana

according to the survey, at present, the traditional equipment industry in Northeast China is still facing downward pressure, but high-end new equipment is rising against the trend, and the shift of new and old kinetic energy is accelerated

only by marching towards high-end products can we hope to break through the difficulties, which is the way out for northeast equipment. In the interview, some equipment enterprises in Northeast China reached such a consensus

as the birthplace of China's bearing industry, Dalian Wafangdian Bearing Group has continuously broken through the ceiling of technological innovation in recent years, implemented the strategy of replacing imports and developing high-end products, and accelerated its entry into the high-end market previously controlled by multinational companies

we have conquered the bearing technology of railway heavy-duty freight cars, broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises for eight years, achieved a market share of more than 45%, and achieved import substitution. In the workshop, Meng Wei, chairman of the group, told. In the new production line, the huge bearing products are polished in all directions and arranged in an orderly manner. Relying on the adjustment of product structure, the business situation of Wafangdian Bearing Group improved. In the first half of 2017, its main business changed from a loss of 34million yuan in the same period of last year to a profit of 62million yuan

some equipment enterprises in Northeast China have made every effort to break through major industrial technology bottlenecks in various ways, such as continuous independent innovation

domestic high-end machine tools have been lack of independent brain CNC system, and this technology has been monopolized by German Siemens, Japan FANUC and other enterprises for a long time. The soul and body of domestic machine tools do not match for a long time. The hardware is domestic, but the brain (CNC system) is imported. There are always quality problems in the connection between the two, which has been criticized by users. Engineers of Shenyang machine tool found that many parameters and functions of the brain, which is purchased at a large amount of money every year, are blocked by others and become brain disabled products

without independent core technology, new products and services cannot be developed, and the road of enterprise development will be more and more dead. Under the fierce market competition, some machine tool enterprises have been falling down

since 2007, Shenyang machine tool has continuously invested more than 1.1 billion yuan to set up a special team in Shanghai to tackle key problems in the CNC system of machine tools. Due to the impasse of copying and introducing foreign technology, under the strict technical blockade of foreign counterparts, the innovation team led by Zhu Zhihao of Shenyang machine tool does not take foreign technology as the only source of technology and does not follow the technical route of foreign CNC system, The open digital bus path is determined to create a non broad-spectrum CNC system positioning that is highly integrated with Shenyang machine tool products

finally, in 2012, Shenyang Machine Tool successfully developed an i5 intelligent control system that is user-friendly and based on the full life cycle of products under the network environment, and launched the i5 series of intelligent machine tools in the world at the beginning of 2014, laying a solid technical foundation for the group to achieve the goal of transforming from a traditional manufacturer to a modern industrial service provider

independent innovation upgrades northeast equipment. In March 2016, the reactor coolant pump set of China's first 300MW Nuclear Power Plant independently developed by Harbin electric power group passed the national appraisal, changing the history that the heart of the nuclear power plant circuit was made in a few countries at one stroke

Jilin General Machinery Co., Ltd. achieved the successful research and development of the aluminum steering knuckle project in 2009, but the raw material aluminum blank has been monopolized by several European enterprises for a long time. With the support of the government, the company has successively merged with Kaiser company of Germany and c2ft company of France, mastered the core technology of aluminum casting and forging, and has become a supplier of high-quality composite Portland cement GB 12958 (1) 999 for well-known automobile brands such as Mercedes Benz and Audi

the continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation have continuously enhanced the new momentum

according to the data provided by the industry and information technology departments of the three northeastern provinces, since 2017, a number of high-end equipment industries such as Liaoning intelligent machine tools, marine engineering, industrial robots, Jilin high-speed EMUs, agricultural machinery, Heilongjiang aviation equipment have increased significantly. Jilin's automobile manufacturing, railway transportation equipment manufacturing, and special equipment manufacturing industries achieved more than 20% growth. From January to September 2017, the cumulative industrial added value of Liaoning's equipment manufacturing industry accounted for 31.8% of the province's industry, and the industry profit increased by 29.5% year-on-year. Among them, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry accounted for 18% of the whole industry, an increase of 0.8 percentage points over the end of last year

get rid of relying on heaven to reshape endogenous power

according to the survey, in recent years, the emergence of the new northeast phenomenon has once again taught a profound marketing lesson to the cadres and workers of state-owned enterprises in Northeast China

in the market, what seems to be a competition of products is actually a competition of systems and mechanisms behind it. Guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang machine tool, thinks so

if we lack independent core technology and can't upgrade in time, we can live in a prosperous market. Once the market demand structure changes, we will encounter difficulties

northeast equipment enterprises generally have this sense of crisis: the era of relying on heaven for food is over

after several years of adjustment in difficulties, northeast equipment enterprises no longer have excessive path dependence on strong investment in large projects, and began to change their ideas, from relying on external forces to reshaping endogenous power

Yu Jingtao, general manager of Jilin Guoyao Bocheng Technology Co., Ltd., revealed that thanks to strengthening the research and development of new technologies and opening up new markets such as land surveying and mapping, marine monitoring and meteorological detection, the compound growth rate of the company in the past three years has exceeded 30%

as the leader of domestic high-speed train manufacturing enterprises, Changchun Railway Passenger Car Co., Ltd. has occupied the forefront of industry technology with continuous innovation, established upstream and downstream Innovation Alliances in the industrial chain, and made use of the single advantages of domestic universities and research institutions to accurately carry out technology research and development, avoiding the waste of greedy and comprehensive research and development. Recently, the company cooperated with Beijing Jiaotong University to tackle key technical problems in the technology of EMU bogie

in the 21st century, a new generation of information technology revolution marked by big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and IOT is leading industry into a new era of development

the people interviewed believed that only by letting the heavy equipment of big countries plug in the wings of interconnection and deeply integrate with modern information technology and artificial intelligence can traditional industries be led to keep up with the tide of the new round of industrial revolution in the world

multinational enterprises such as GE and Siemens have long started the transformation from manufacturers to industrial service providers. We must not miss this opportunity. Li Shaoguo, deputy general manager of Shengu group, told that once the equipment was sold, it would not make a lot of money and would not be sustainable. It must be transformed to industrial integration services

Shengu group has developed a Shengu Yunluo service platform. Technicians can monitor the on-site operation of customer equipment in real time through the large screen, and send people to repair the problems found. The enterprise focuses on more than 100000 devices in operation in the market, provides daily maintenance, repair business and intelligent upgrading and transformation, and provides customers with full life-cycle services. In 2016, enterprise service revenue increased by 48%, effectively hedging the downward pressure of traditional businesses

with the opening up of some new business areas and the transformation of service mode, some equipment enterprises in Northeast China began to get rid of the passive situation and return to a steady pace of development again

in the first half of 2017, the industrial added value of Heilongjiang equipment manufacturing industry increased by 18.6%, 16.3 percentage points faster than that of industries above Designated Size in the province; The deep processing capacity of Liaoning petrochemical equipment has been improved, the refinement level of Metallurgical Building Materials Products has been improved, and new products and technologies in the electronic information industry have been emerging, becoming a new driving force for the revitalization of the industry

Su Xuexiang, deputy general manager of North heavy industry group, told that breaking through the shackles of the system and mechanism is the top priority to reshape the endogenous power. The group is promoting the reform of three companies, one park and two centers, changing the group's structure from parent and branch companies to parent and subsidiary companies, re integrating the advantageous business sectors such as shield tunneling and mining and dressing to establish professional companies, enhancing the vitality of enterprise independent operation and decision-making efficiency, bringing the maintenance and support services and auxiliary businesses that were originally only for the internal service of the enterprise to the market, and turning the old burden into a new driving force. Northern heavy industry group also negotiated with the financial sector to promote the debt to equity swap of 5billion yuan, reducing the debt ratio by 20 percentage points

entering the new normal of economy, with the promotion of a new round of revitalization, northeast equipment enterprises are generally facing new challenges on how to grow from big to strong. The market demand of countries along the the Belt and Road is growing rapidly, providing huge business opportunities for northeast equipment to go abroad, accelerate overseas layout, and carry out international production capacity cooperation

our mining equipment, cement building materials, shield machines and other products have received new orders in Southeast Asia, Africa and other places. Since 2016, the overseas market has accounted for 80% of the orders for more than 30 shield machines. Yang Yi, overseas marketing director of North heavy industry group, told that the overseas market has increasingly become a new growth point for enterprises, and the annual export volume has rapidly increased from US $10 million to US $30.5 billion in recent years

was suppressed by international giants to prevent starvation. In 2008, the snow disaster in the South was on the way to innovation.

the northeast economy was in the rolling stone uphill stage of transformation and upgrading and conversion of kinetic energy. A number of enterprises are facing the dilemma of tight capital flow and tight market environment, and continuous innovation requires a lot of investment. It also takes a certain period for new R & D equipment to successfully break the market monopolized by international giants

in the process of entering the high-end market, northeast equipment enterprises are most prone to the risk of starvation on the way to innovation

at the beginning of the promotion of the five axis CNC machine tool developed by Dalian Guangyang group, customers were unwilling to accept domestic equipment in order to prevent risks. In addition, they had to go through various certification procedures to enter the military industry. The threshold was high and the cycle was long. For a time, we were faced with the dilemma that domestic customers were unwilling to use it, and we often encountered various forms of pressure from overseas competitors, such as price wars. Yu Dehai, chairman of Dalian Guangyang group, said that if we didn't bite our teeth and insist, we might not even touch the door of the market

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