The hottest old chailishde loader is my money maki

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Lao Chai: lishide loader is my "tool for making money"

Lao Chai: lishide loader is my "tool for making money"

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when I saw the user boss Chai, he was busy on the construction site of Matou Industrial Park in Ci County, Handan. He operated lishide loader skillfully and skillfully, with high efficiency. Maybe we all should have heard of the word "oil trapping phenomenon" and focused on it, High spirited

Lao Chai: lishide loader is my "money making tool"

boss Chai told us that he was very picky about equipment, For construction machinery (for example, the customer has very high requirements for the shape of the sample, the maximum experimental force and other equipment. After many years of dealing with mechanical equipment, boss Chai has his own understanding and opinions on loaders. He believes that only those who use and understand the equipment can have an objective and comprehensive understanding of the equipment, and their suggestions are the most valuable reference. So he runs around the construction site to know the situation with his colleagues and loader drivers, and he has tested many products Brand loader, compared with the bucket quality and the stability of handling performance, finally chose and purchased a Rexroth CL loader

talking about the use of lishde loader, boss Chai pointed to his lishde CL loader and told us happily: since I bought this equipment, I am the boss and the driver. I am very careful! On the whole, the quality of lishide CL loader is still good, with flexible operation and durability. After two years, there has been no major problems; The fuel consumption is low and the cost is reduced. The purchase cost is paid back in less than two years. He believes that the cost can be recovered in a short time. In addition to the large amount of work, the main thing is that lishide loader is very awesome! Boss Chai said that if the engineering quantity is good, he plans to buy two Rexroth loaders next year

"for more than two years, Rexroth loader has become my 'tool for making money', which has made me move from bungalow to building and become a part of my life." Boss Chai involuntarily extended his thumb and exclaimed, "lishide loader is worth owning!"

"through all these efforts

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