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Jinggang Weishi smart fingerprint lock trendsetter in the new era

Abstract: at present, more than 95% of domestic families have a blank market for refitting mechanical locks into smart locks, which can be said to be a seriously underestimated blue ocean market! Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock is a new high-tech product

with the rapid development of science and technology, people's lives are also changing with each passing day driven by science and technology. Science and technology has gradually made smart cities inevitable for the development of human society. Smart cities use advanced information technology to realize smart management and operation of cities, so as to create a better life for people in cities and promote harmonious and sustainable growth of cities. Building a smart city has become an irreversible historical trend of urban development in the world today. The construction of a smart city is to bring people a more convenient life. As a necessary household lock, it is very important for people's life. The traditional key lock is extremely cumbersome. It is particularly inconvenient to take a bunch of keys when you accidentally lock the door when taking out the garbage, forget the keys in the room, and bring a large number of keys. The emergence of fingerprint lock makes life smart and intelligent. As a trendsetter in the new era, fingerprint lock makes people's life more wonderful. According to relevant data, living fingerprints are unique and non reproducible. CCTV's popular science program also introduced the significance of fingerprints. Fingerprints contain a large amount of information. These lines are different in patterns, breakpoints and intersections. They are called "features" in information processing. It has been proved in medicine that these features are different for each finger, and these features are unique and permanent. Therefore, Jinggang Weishi intelligent lock corresponds a person with his fingerprint. By comparing his fingerprint features with the pre saved fingerprint features, You can verify his true identity. People once spoke highly of fingerprint lock in the construction of smart city, which has become a model of the integration of high technology and human body, and the safest lock among all locks at present. Fingerprint lock has been an upgraded substitute of traditional door lock, which is to improve the quality of life, optimize the living environment and make life safe, convenient and simple. Fingerprint lock has also become the choice of many people of insight

smart city construction, face recognition technology, intelligent fingerprint lock among many fingerprint lock brands, Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock comes out because it may have interlayer separation, and its excellent quality will damage the service life of the experimental machine. Jinggang Weishi brand is the core brand of China hedinghong group health life source Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jinggang Weishi kitchen garbage processor, Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock and Jinggang Weishi cast aluminum explosion-proof armored door are all produced by China · he Dinghong group company

picture data: Jinggang Weishi smart door lock Jinggang is ready for the experiment. Weishi cast aluminum anti riot armored door (high-end anti-theft door) Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock is a high-end brand in China. Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock is an intelligent lock that takes the fingerprint of human fingers as the identification carrier and means. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint lock is generally composed of electronic identification and control and mechanical linkage system. Compared with other brands, its security has been further improved. Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock is not only a necessary product for high-end families, but also can be widely used in supporting the door locks of large real estate buildings in China. High quality life is embodied in all aspects, and technology changing life is an indispensable part of it. Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock makes life more comfortable and comfortable, and brings a kind of high-end enjoyment, carefree and unimpeded feeling to life. Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock is designed for families and has very powerful functions. The high-end smart lock series can better link smart homes and smart devices to achieve three-dimensional anti-theft and bring people a modern high-quality life. Jinggang Weishi smart lock, even the ordinary series, basically has four functions: password unlocking, card swiping unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, key emergency unlocking. The high-end series even has remote unlocking, APP unlocking, anti prying alarm, virtual password, universal exchange, face recognition, video call, smart key sharing, nanny unlocking settings, office settings, iris recognition, unlocking, etc. In addition to the function of opening the door, the fingerprint lock generally has the functions of adding, deleting and clearing fingerprints. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with human-machine dialogue systems such as LCD touch screen, which has a high level of intelligence and relatively convenient operation. It can also provide operation guidance, query use records, built-in parameters, setting status and other functions. Even if you go out empty handed without a key, you are not afraid. Your finger is where the key is. Jinggang Weishi intelligent lock is in line with the concept of light life advocated now. It is simpler, easier, freer and more convenient to go out

Jinggang Weishi intelligent fingerprint lock according to manager Huang of Jinggang Weishi intelligent lock Market Department, Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock product requirements are very strict, positioning high-end, but for more users to use fingerprint lock, and launched a number of preferential policies. At the same time, Jinggang Weishi also cooperates with relevant factories in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, etc. to integrate technology and share resources. The quality should be high, the price should be close to the people, benefit the people, enrich the product line, realize the needs of consumer groups at all stages, and can also carry out engineering customization. In the field of marketing, Jinggang Weishi and Aoke people have achieved online and offline synchronization, and more than 50000 smart lock installers across the country can provide free door-to-door installation and other services

at present, more than 95% of households in China have a blank market for refitting mechanical locks into smart locks, which can be said to be a seriously underestimated blue ocean market! Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock is a new high-tech product. Looking at the current smart lock market, we mainly focus on two parts of customers: the enterprise market and the consumer market. Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock is mainly the "pre installed market" of brand apartments and real estate, and directly faces end consumers, so its development space is huge. And in the long run, as the property market heats up again and the post-95 marriage and childbirth tide is coming, the decoration of new houses is 7 Steel needle: tungsten steel needle and stainless steel needle are installed with smart lock, and the consumption habit is gradually popularized. Jinggang Weishi fingerprint lock has an unlimited future in the market. Jinggang Weishi intelligent lock is meticulous in its products and strives for perfection. Taking every quality as the lifeline, carrying forward the aura of a great country and highlighting China's high-end image, Jinggang Weishi intelligent lock is loved by all levels and ordinary people. Jinggang Weishi intelligent lock integrates high technology and wisdom, quality, high character and excellent quality. We believe that Jinggang Weishi intelligent lock will climb to the peak of one market after another and become the backbone of national brands

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