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What is the effect of MI millet water purifier 600g kitchen type household water purifier? Get started with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

this Xiaomi (MI) Xiaomi water purifier 600g kitchen type household water purifier is a new model in 2019. I like the evaluation and recommendation. I also planted this Xiaomi water purifier behind. I have been using it for a period of time. I share the real use evaluation of Xiaomi water purifier 600g. I hope it can be used as a reference for my friends behind

evaluation of the real use of Xiaomi water purifier 600g:

this Xiaomi (MI) Xiaomi water purifier 600g kitchen type household water purifier was started from a certain East. At the first sight of arrival, the texture is still good. This Xiaomi is a 600g kitchen type RO water purifier to achieve customer satisfaction in an all-round way. Although this is not my ideal water purifier, it is a RO machine with high comprehensive cost performance. The appearance is simple and elegant, and the wading material conforms to the sanitation of drinking water. The filter element is very convenient to replace and purchase. The water flow is larger than expected. Equipped with a two-color orange blue lamp, the water quality display is intuitive and convenient, and has a sense of science and technology. The size of my cabinet is just right. The noise of the machine is small. Closing the cabinet door is almost negligible. I made an appointment to install it the next day, but the master came that morning. This master Jiang is very serious, careful and professional, and he is very fast. After the preparation work was completed, master Jiang readily accepted the installation of wading parts after washing hands, and also carefully explained the functions and precautions. I hope it can help later friends to choose reference


[] Xiaomi (MI) Xiaomi water purifier 600g kitchen type household water purifier RO reverse osmosis large flow direct drinking low waste water purifier intelligent reminder self-service filter element replacement


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other user comments:

1. It has been installed for more than a week, and the water purification ratio is 2:1, The water quality is better than that of the previous boiled water. I hope the above brief introduction can bring you help. There is almost no scale on the hot water kettle. It is enough for daily household use. Connect the wireless, detect the water quality problems in real time, and monitor the replacement time of the filter element. The app can monitor it. It is very convenient. Xiaomi is always trustworthy

2. Installation is very simple. Do it yourself?. Large water flow! Do not occupy a place to adopt advanced hammer pressing, heat treatment, continuous production process of profile rolling, which is convenient and easy to use! The faucet also has an indicator light for easy viewing. Trust Xiaomi to recommend buying. The water is as good as mineral water

3. The water purifier is beautifully made. It is much cleaner with filtered water and much less white dirt in boiling water! The water flow is also very large. There are two outlets, one is filtered water and the other is tap water. It is convenient to install and has complete accessories, which is suitable for the installation of most faucets in the market! Fast logistics and tight packaging

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