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Miaoshan university students designed and developed "robot dog", and won the Chinese robot competition

"you can also use it to drink water when turning. It is very stable and fast. It takes about ten seconds to beat the second place after running a lap." On November 27, in the just concluded 2020 China robot competition, the robot dog "Baodi" developed by the Artificial Intelligence College of Wuchang Institute of technology won the champion of the "quadruped bionic robot project"

it is understood that the China robot competition, sponsored by the China Society of automation and others, is one of the robot discipline competitions with the largest influence and the highest comprehensive technical level in China. It has been held for 21 times since 1999. This year's competition was held in Qingdao. 780 teams from 200 schools, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, University of defense technology, Wuchang Institute of technology, participated in 18 major competitions, including agricultural robots, rescue robots, quadruped bionic robots, and medical robots

the "Chenxu team" of Wuchang Institute of technology is composed of four students from the robotics Association of the school of artificial intelligence. The robot dog "Bao Di" is designed and developed by students independently

"the name comes from Bao Di, a prose dog from Bajin. This robot dog is very similar to the dog we usually keep at home. It has also spent a lot of time with us, led by leading enterprises, and we have devoted a lot of effort to it." Yu Hui, the captain of this race, said that Bao Di's advantage in winning the championship is that he is very stable when turning corners. He will not rush out of the track, and his speed is far faster than that of other teams. This is due to the team members' optimization of its running posture in the design. Plastic packaging materials are often used in food packaging, and the speed is also improved

"in the race field, the robot dog is very important to judge the track. We design an algorithm so that it can distinguish complex curves, accelerate and decelerate according to different tracks, and automatically return to the track when it accidentally exceeds the track, without too much human intervention." Team member Liu Zongwen said that behind winning the championship are countless failures and attempts, and the team members often study day and night for a technical problem

it is reported that in recent years, Wuchang Institute of technology has given full play to the influence of student associations and created a strong "robot fever" in the whole college. There are humanoid robots developed by members of the association, which can communicate with people simply. Among them, there are robotic arms that can sort colors, screen express delivery or fruits, a "massage robot" that massages people, a "bartender robot" that serves tea and water for people, and a "catering service robot" that serves restaurants

"in order to catch up with the trend of the development of robots in the world, we have many features and highlights in the innovative application of intelligent robots. Relying on the major of intelligent science and technology, we set up professional associations to comprehensively improve students' innovative ability by promoting learning through competition." Li Yaqiong, the instructor, said that robot research involves mechanics, mechanics, electronics and other disciplines. Participating students can not only expand their knowledge, but also promote the intersection of disciplines in the process of robot competition. They can quickly start the green design pilot acceptance of 99 enterprises, quickly improve students' ability to use their hands, and cultivate students' innovation ability

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