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MGB series constant pressure variable frequency automatic water supply system

mgb series constant pressure variable frequency automatic water supply system is a complete set of automatic control equipment that our company introduces the latest international variable frequency speed regulation technology to automatically control the constant pressure variable water supply of single or multiple pumps. It is a new energy-saving technology product promoted by the national air force, in which 2 SCI papers are widely used. The control system automatically adjusts the input or exit of a single pump or multiple pumps according to the amount of water consumption, so that the outlet pressure is constant and the variable water supply is under the set pressure value, thus replacing the traditional water supply modes such as water tower, high-level water tank (pool), air pressure tank, etc., solving the problem of affecting production, life, fire protection, sprinkler water supply due to insufficient pipe pressure, realizing the maximum reasonable water use, and ensuring the constant pressure water supply, With the purpose of saving water and electricity, it is recognized as the most suitable water supply platform by water supply experts

working principle of the system

● the core components of the control system adopt the hardness value of world-class materials such as abb in Switzerland, Sanken in Japan and shimadu electric, which can be converted into the tensile strength value. The world-famous frequency converter, PID controller, PIC programmable controller, pressure sensor, water level controller and other peripherals are combined to form a complete control system. The control system, together with the pump unit The constant pressure frequency conversion automatic water supply system is composed of pipeline accessories

● when the control system works, the water pump controlled by the frequency converter starts soft at a low frequency and accelerates gradually. The pressure sensor installed on the water outlet pipe constantly detects the pipe pressure and converts the pressure signal into an electrical signal and sends it to the controller. After the controller calculates and processes it, the command signal is transmitted to the frequency converter, so that the frequency converter can adjust the rotation frequency of the ball in the raceway of the centripetal thrust bearing, and then the speed of the high-speed water pump motor, At the same time, change the flow of the water pump to meet the set pressure of the pipe and keep it constant. When the water consumption increases, the speed of the pump motor accelerates; When the water is stopped, the water pump motor is in a dormant pressure maintaining state

● in the control of multiple water pump motors, if the speed of a single water pump motor increases to the rated speed and still cannot reach the set pressure value, the control system will automatically start the second water pump; If it still cannot meet the set pressure value, the third or more water pumps will start automatically and put into operation in turn; When the water consumption decreases, each water pump will exit the operation in the order of first start and first stop until the set pressure value is reached

main features of the system

● replace the traditional water supply devices such as water tower, high-level water tank and air pressure tank, with less land occupation, less investment, short construction period and quick effect, which can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of water source

● the water pump motor has soft start, no current and mechanical impact, which effectively extends the service life of the motor and water pump

it effectively eliminates the "reflux" loss of the constant speed water pump, avoids the phenomenon of "big horse pulling small car", and proposes to improve the overall efficiency and comprehensive energy-saving effect of the water pump motor. Under normal circumstances, it can save 15 ~ 40% of electricity and 15 ~ 30% of water

● overcome the pipe overpressure water supply and adjust the pointer, effectively reducing the pipe maintenance cost

● full automatic control can realize unattended intelligent operation, effectively save management costs and reduce operation costs

● diagnosis and self diagnosis display, fault storage and alarm, digital human-machine interface, easy to operate

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