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The company also plans to authorize its graphene production process to choose partners around the world. Qilin and amelis jointly develop renewable rubber matrix

Michelin tire and Ameris recently announced that they will jointly develop renewable rubber matrix isoprene (especially suitable for c5h8, a testing instrument for product quality control on the production line). This rubber matrix will be the basic material of rubber tires and other rubber products

after the agreement is reached, Michelin and armilis will jointly invest and combine the technical resources of both sides to extract rubber matrix from renewable raw materials. Amelis expects that the rubber matrix can only be used for tires or other special purposes in 2015, such as adhesives, coatings and sealants, which will continue to contribute new momentum to the construction of one belt and one road. Michelin promised to purchase the rubber matrix based on 10 years. In addition, amelis has the right to sell the rubber matrix to other customers

the traditional isoprene generation method is usually naphtha thermal decomposition or C4 steam synthesis. Amelis recently found that acanthene (C15H24) can also convert sugars into isoprene (c5h8)

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