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Michelin launched 16 inch reinforced light truck tires

on November 20, Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. released a 16 inch all wheel reinforced light truck tire product - Michelin agilis HD. The product has good durability and impact resistance, which makes it suitable for all kinds of harsh service conditions trying to combine its own characteristics

the steel wires of the crown belt, toe opening and carcass of new tires are thickened by 30%, which can effectively reduce the early damage of tires, thus reducing operating costs. An additional 2kg of metal reinforcing material is added to the carcass, which has excellent impact resistance and better safety under severe service conditions. The block pattern design makes the tire have better grip and traction performance on rough roads. The special rubber formula makes the tread better resistant to rough pavement, which may create enlightenment 3: the salesperson "tall and tall" into cutting and wear

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