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Michelin appeared at the Paris auto show to show the leading technology of tyres

"choose the right tyres and change everything", which is the theme of Michelin group's first global advertisement. During the 2010 Paris auto show, Michelin group displayed 3D advertising films on the Michelin booth in the Parc des Expositions Exhibition Center, bringing tourists into the world of Michelin tire mister to learn how he can provide drivers with the most suitable tires and help them get out of trouble

Michelin tires have three unique characteristics: reducing the fuel consumption of the vehicle (and then reducing carbon emissions), while improving safety and increasing mileage

for Michelin group, "choose the right tire, change everything" is far from just a slogan. It shows an indisputable fact: Michelin tires can improve one aspect of performance without affecting other aspects of performance. They effectively combine energy efficiency, excellent grip and excellent mileage performance

thanks to the balanced performance of the fourth generation Michelin energy-saving tires, Michelin energy? In less than three years since its launch, the saver tire series has been used in nearly 150 kinds of vehicles produced by famous automobile manufacturers. This is an unprecedented achievement, which fully proves that car manufacturers regard Michelin's energy-saving tires as a way to improve the energy balance of their vehicles, while continuing to provide users with the greatest degree of safety

with the increasingly stringent regulations, this is of greater significance to automobile manufacturers. EU regulation 443/2009 stipulates that if the cars produced by automobile manufacturers exceed the carbon dioxide emission limit, they will be fined. This regulation will come into force in 2012

in this trend, Michelin tyres will play an increasingly important role, because tyres alone can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 4 grams per kilometer, and most importantly, this will not affect other performances of tyres at all. For car manufacturers, this is an "immediate" solution

Michelin tires' achievements in environmental protection, safety and long mileage also illustrate the challenges facing the global automotive industry. Tyres have become the focus of many debates, and European regulators are no exception. The same is true of legislative bodies in Europe and other regions. They decided that this is beneficial to the progress of the industry and should provide specific product information for tires sold in the replacement tire market

European regulations stipulate that from November 2012, passenger tires must bear labels with three kinds of information before and during sales: the impact of tires on vehicle fuel economy, the quality inspection of friction and wear testing machine, the braking force of tires on wet surfaces, and the external noise level of tires

in addition to providing reference information for drivers when choosing tires, the labeling system also has a more important purpose, that is, in order to obtain sales authorization, tires must meet the minimum limits of all three properties shown on the label

of the tires currently sold, 30% will not be allowed to be sold in 2014 because they cannot meet the then minimum standards. Later, stricter standards will be introduced. When the second round of regulations takes effect, 70% of the tires currently on sale will be banned

Michelin group plans to gradually mark performance information on its tires in early 2012

this new regulation is completely in line with the expectations of European drivers. According to a five-year study of European drivers conducted by TNS Sofres, a market research company, drivers show strong concern about the importance of safe and worry free driving, and rank the importance of reducing the total cost of tire use in the third place

Michelin provides a comprehensive solution to the above problems. In the past two decades, the R & D Department of the group has been developing tires that can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions without affecting other important tire characteristics

Michelin achieved a milestone achievement in 1992, that is, silicon melt was added into the rubber formula after passing the first inspection. This result reduces the energy consumption caused by the heat accumulation of the tire during driving, and at the same time enables the grounding rubber to heat rapidly during braking, thereby shortening the braking distance

these two points are not mutually exclusive. Manufacturers can use high technology to solve this problem, such as using silicon and advanced production methods. This is also the reason why Michelin's innovation ability is so strong. Michelin tires marked with green x on the sidewall generate very little heat when driving, thus reducing fuel consumption. At the same time, in the braking process, the ground of these tires can quickly heat up in a short time, thereby shortening the braking distance of the car

the first generation of Michelin energy tire was launched in 1992, which is also the first tire marked with green x on the sidewall of the tire. These innovative achievements pave the way for today's Michelin energy saver to provide you with a reference tire series

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