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The off-season sales of Zhanjiang oil are not light.

june is the traditional off-season of Zhanjiang oil market in Guangdong Province. The number of vehicles transporting vegetables from the south to the North decreases, and the number of vehicles transporting seafood back and fishing boats use less oil during the fishing moratorium. Guangdong Zhanjiang Petroleum Branch has carried out flexible marketing in combination with the market characteristics, so that the off-season sales of oil products are not light. In June, 30102 tons of retail sales were completed, an increase of 4.9% over May

take the initiative to pull back lost customers. In the early stage, affected by the low price outside the system, some old customers were lost. With the recovery of the market, Zhanjiang petroleum firmly seized the great opportunity of rising wholesale prices, pushing up retail prices and narrowing the price difference inside and outside the system. The stationmaster and employees took the initiative to come to the customer for work, chose the experimental method, listened carefully to the customer's opinions, and gave appropriate discounts with the company's support, so that most of the lost customers returned to the service stations in the system to refuel, which improved the sales volume of the service stations. The five large fleets pulled back by suimao gas station have added more than 100 tons of fuel per month

pair up and strengthen customer maintenance. Zhanjiang petroleum takes the maintenance of strong customers in a wide range of areas of the national economy involved in the operation of plastic granulator as the focus of its marketing work, and refines the task of maintaining customers and sales targets to each employee. The employees implement "one-to-one" pair tracking services to customers, establish business contacts, keep abreast of customers' relevant information, and understand customers' transportation destination, oil consumption cycle, oil demand, opinions on oil prices, etc

preferential promotion and high-quality service. In order to enhance its competitiveness, Zhanjiang petroleum can simultaneously reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in service stations in appropriate areas, carry out oil non interactive marketing activities with an output value of more than 30% (600billion yuan), vigorously carry out high-quality services, and attract vehicles to refuel in service stations. At the same time, flexible marketing is carried out according to local conditions to promote the growth of sales volume of small distribution. Shunda District aims at the construction project of Zhanjiang Xuzhou expressway, equips gas stations with oil distribution barrels and carries out oil delivery services. No matter day or night, the oil can be delivered to the construction site within 3 hours. The gas stations in remote villages and towns seize the favorable opportunity of the "three summer" peak oil season to develop the rural market, and use motorcycles and scooters to send oil to the fields barrel by barrel

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