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Zhangzhou 1.2 billion yuan float glass production line has been put into construction. In recent days, 68 workers have settled in the Dongshan Kangmei town Chengan seaside construction site of Zhangzhou Qibin glass project. With the construction of the large float glass production line project with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan, the construction of the West copper trunk road section from the mining area to the plant area is in full swing. Professional classes such as Electromechanical, glass technology, flow line, production line, assembly line and transmission line jointly organized with Dongshan Island vocational secondary technical school petroleum asphalt ductility determination method gb4508 (8) 4 school have also officially opened

Dongshan Island is rich in silica sand and other mineral resources. The silica sand reserves are more than 200million tons, with a silicon content of more than 95%. Its reserves, specifications, grade and quality rank first in China and Asia. It is unnecessary to set attenuation for manufacturing); All kinds of high-grade flat glass, float glass and large mechanical steel castings are the most ideal raw materials

at the beginning of this year, after learning that Zhejiang Qibin Glass Group, which has abundant capital, is preparing to invest and expand its business in other provinces, Dongshan County Party Secretary wangyiqun and county magistrate wudajin warmly invited them to Dongshan for investigation. At the beginning of May this year, the two sides signed an investment project contract. Qibin group decided to invest 1.2 billion yuan to build a high-quality float glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons, which can be divided into V-shaped jaws (for clamping round samples) and flat jaws (for clamping flat samples), and a high-quality float glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 800 tons. At present, it employs about 350 people. It is planned that after the first phase of the project is put into operation in early 2010, the annual sales revenue will be about 800million yuan, The total annual tax payment is about 100million yuan, and the total annual profit is about 61.9 million yuan

on June 27 this year, Qibin group registered and established "Zhangzhou Qibin Glass Co., Ltd.". At present, the first batch of nearly 300 mu of industrial land has been approved by the provincial level, and the plant planning and design and the planning of beneficiation and mining areas are in progress. (xiehanjie and zhushaowen)

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