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Zhangxinghua: let Hefei become the first city in the world to adopt smart street lamp management. The reform and opening-up policy has set up a banner for China's economic development. The slogans of "science and technology are the primary productive force" and "both gold and silver mountains, but also green water and green mountains" have also injected strong impetus into the sound and rapid economic development. Therefore, he has naturally become a wind vane for the development of individuals and enterprises. In recent years, "science and technology" and "energy conservation and emission reduction" have become the key words of development. How to better combine the two has also become the goal that many people and enterprises continue to pursue. Sina Anhui has an exclusive dialogue with zhangxinghua, a representative of the 16th National People's Congress of Hefei, a member of the Standing Committee of Hefei Federation of industry and commerce, vice president of Anhui scientists and Entrepreneurs Association, and chairman of Hefei Daming Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. to listen to him talk about the earth shaking changes in the road lighting industry and feel the changes of lighting technology

In 1993, zhangxinghua, a medical student, went to Shenzhen to do business in the east wind of reform and opening up. What is the reason why the installation of the hydraulic universal testing machine, one of the first batch to go into business, needs the manufacturer's guidance? He was also the first to feel the dividends brought by the reform and opening up. A few years later, he won the first pot of gold in the pharmaceutical industry. In the early days of reform and opening up, it seemed that the whole people were already doing business in the hot era of "going south to search for gold"

after entering the 21st century, the national reform and opening-up policy also has new connotations. At this time, zhangxinghua is also quietly changing. "To do a career that is more valuable, innovative and worth fighting for all his life" has become his new creed for entrepreneurship and the driving force for him to develop his new career. After contact with his classmates, zhangxinghua became very interested in the field of lighting, and established Hefei Daming Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007, gradually embarking on a new direction of scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, gradually realizing the value of individuals and enterprises for social development, and realizing the transformation from businessmen to entrepreneurs

benefiting the government and the people makes the ever burning lamp become a smart lamp

whether it is family lighting or public lighting, the "lamp" plays a very important role in people's daily life. With the development of economy and society, the status and importance of public lighting facilities, as the infrastructure of the city, are also increasing day by day. From the incandescent lamps before the reform and opening up to the later high-pressure sodium lamps to various types of lamps now, the number has become more and more, the scale has become larger and larger, and the management has become more and more difficult. The development of the times is forcing enterprises to make continuous progress

zhangxinghua said that previously, the daily inspection, control and energy conservation, management and maintenance of street lamps were the three most prominent difficulties in the development of urban road lighting. In addition, the high cable loss rate in some remote areas increased the difficulty of government management. 2. The precautions and expenses in the application of friction and wear testing machine also brought many inconveniences to citizens' travel at night. As a city with rapid development in recent years, Hefei has gradually improved its requirements for urban road lighting. As a local enterprise in Hefei, the "intelligent street lamp management system" developed by them makes Hefei the first city in the world to adopt the intelligent street lamp management method

"it lights up when it is dark and turns off when it is light", Zhang Xinghua jokingly called such a lamp "ever burning lamp". The brightness cannot be adjusted at any time according to the surrounding environment, the switching time cannot be automatically adjusted according to the four hour difference, and the error and repair cannot be reported in time. This is the traditional street lamp lighting method. According to zhangxinghua, there are about 200000 street lamps in Hefei. If the traditional method is used for maintenance and management, the annual expenditure is very huge, and the effect is not particularly good. However, the "intelligent street lamp management system" can turn the ever burning lamp into an intelligent lamp, and can automatically adjust the brightness and switching time of the test piece inserted together with the clamping unit as time and environment change, saving energy consumption. This alone can save nearly one million dollars a year. Moreover, it can actively apply for repair, which greatly improves the maintenance efficiency and reduces the labor cost

in addition, Daming Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., led by zhangxinghua, adopts the EMC contract energy management mode to cover the transformation and later maintenance costs of energy-saving street lamps. The government does not need to invest, but only extracts some investment returns from the energy-saving costs, which greatly reduces the pressure of government management and maintenance. Benefit the government and the people, and truly serve the society with the achievements of scientific and Technological Development under the reform and opening up

innovation and entrepreneurship this is a free era

reform and opening up have brought China into line with the world, providing many opportunities and challenges. Both the "going to the sea" in the early stage of reform and opening up and the "mass innovation and entrepreneurship" encouraged by the state in recent years have created a good atmosphere for the development of individuals and enterprises. When asked about his understanding of reform and opening up, zhangxinghua said: "this is the best era, and it is a free era to continue to look for the best graphene preparation method."

"green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", "science and technology are the primary productive forces" and "energy conservation and emission reduction" are all new connotations given to the reform and opening up policy with the changes of the times. In this era of freedom, only when individuals are brave enough to start their own businesses and enterprises keep up with policies and innovate can the country gradually move towards modernization. Zhangxinghua and his Daming technology are growing along with the reform and opening-up policy, using their "intelligent street lamp management system" to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the city and light up the smart life in the future

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