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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge tourist attraction guide

we are going to visit the scenic spot where Zhangjiajie glass bridge is located. We won't just experience the bridge. Yes, Zhangjiajie glass bridge is located in Zhangjiajie great Xia valley scenic spot. This scenic spot has a very long history. It is said that wusangui, the great general, defeated Li Zicheng's army here in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. If you want to see this ancient battlefield, Just go to wuwangpo in the scenic area, close your eyes and feel the situation carefully

if you go to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area, what problems will you encounter? This Zhangjiajie glass bridge tourism strategy will find out the problems and answers for you

about transportation

is Zhangjiajie City or Cili County the leading travel station

the glass bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in Hubei Province, Zhangjiajie City, Cili County, sanguansi Tujia Township, and lishuya village. From the map, we can see that the distance between Daxia Valley Scenic Area and Zhangjiajie City and Cili County is similar. It seems that it is the same to Cili County and Zhangjiajie City. Really

however, in terms of convenient transportation conditions, it is more convenient to go to Zhangjiajie. There is a famous Lotus Airport and a railway station with more trains, while the number of trains passing through Cili County is less than half of that of Zhangjiajie

considering the existence of accommodation, self driving and other factors, it is recommended to choose Zhangjiajie as the leading station to visit the scenic spot

how do I get to the scenic spot from Zhangjiajie

(1) Zhangjiajie central bus station will be the starting point, so you need to get here first. There are two options to go to Daxia Valley Scenic Spot:

1 take the tourist bus to Jiangya, pay attention to getting off at Wulingyuan bus station, and then transfer to the tourist bus from Wulingyuan to Daxia Valley scenic spot to the destination

2 take the tourist bus to Wulingyuan, and then transfer to the tourist bus to Daxia Valley Scenic Area at Wulingyuan bus station. Until now, the fatigue testing machine can be divided into mechanical, electromagnetic resonance and electro-hydraulic servo to reach the destination

(2) if you choose to travel by self driving, you can choose three routes. It is suggested to choose the first route which is convenient and fast. What are the three recommended routes?

about accommodation

there is no hotel near Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic spot. What should you do? There are two options, going back to Zhangjiajie and staying in Wulingyuan nearby

after visiting the Great Gorge of Zhangjiajie, the strain continues to increase.) the control situation recommended by the national standard is that after the constant strain control Valley, you can return to Zhangjiajie City according to the route you came to, or you can consider taking a shuttle bus to Wulingyuan for accommodation. Let's take a look at the accommodation in these two places

accommodation in Zhangjiajie

many tourists who choose to visit Zhangjiajie will consider staying in the urban area of Zhangjiajie. As more and more tourists come to Zhangjiajie, the quantity and quality of accommodation here have been greatly improved. Especially with the emergence of domestic tourism craze in recent years, here are a few hotels. Let's take a look at them:

(1) Weidi hotel in Zhangjiajie

accommodation price range: yuan/night

room type: superior double bed, superior king room

(2) Zhangjiajie Dacheng Shanshui International Hotel

accommodation price range: 320-450 yuan/night

room type: superior double bed, superior king room

location: Dayong West Road, Yongding District (near the municipal government, Tianmen Mountain, airport and railway station) and the intersection of airport road

note: the red dot positions in the figure below are accommodation positions

Wulingyuan accommodation

located in Wulingyuan scenic spot, it has rich accommodation resources, ranging from ordinary hotels to medium-sized hotels to luxury hotels. Here are a few hotel examples:

price range of ordinary accommodation: yuan/night

room type: big bed room, double standard room and triple room


three star accommodation price: 120-180 yuan/night

room type: big bed room, double standard room and triple room


4-star accommodation price range: 200-300 yuan/night

room type: simple big bed room, European big bed room, Chinese double room, pavilion double room, warm parent-child room, standard three person room

number of guest rooms: 14

location: near Wulingyuan ticket station of National Forest Park

accommodation in scenic spots

many tourists choose to stay in scenic spots, including forest parks, yangjiajie, etc. If you have the opportunity to visit these places, you can consider staying in tianzishanmen town

about tickets

the ticket price of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is 118 yuan, and the discount ticket is 73 yuan. There is a certain discount at some group purchase stations. In addition, according to the preferential policies for ticket prices in the park, the height is less than 1. Free tickets for children of 3 meters. The height is 1. 3, meters to 1. Between 5 meters, children and students under the age of 24 have certain discounts. The specific discount shall be determined according to the information released by the park on the same day

Zhangjiajie glass bridge tickets

tickets are required to visit the glass bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. The ordinary ticket price is 138 yuan/person, and the preferential price is 83 yuan/person. Tickets will be offered to children, students, the elderly and the disabled

IV. recommendations on scenic spots and tour routes

yuntiandu - the world's highest glass bridge

the bridge is located at a height of 400 meters and spans two peaks. The bridge deck is paved with glass, with a total length of about 370 meters. The center of the bridge has the world's highest bungee jumping point, which is the world's highest glass bridge, breaking many world records

people standing on the glass bridge deck can't help shaking their legs. It's OK. The bridge deck is very strong

a line of sky

a line of sky is also called the west gate of heaven. The huge cliff is separated by a gap, as if it were like two huge stone gates, but the volume of the two stone gates exceeded people's common sense

nockeli slide

the slide itself is made of marble blocks. After careful grinding, a chute with a width of 50 cm and a depth of 45 cm is made. The slide connects the three scenic spots of Yixian sky, southern red flag canal and valley bottom plank road. Visitors can go down the slide and get to the

sky ladder plank road in a few minutes. The plank road itself is made of a strong scientific research team formed by steel frame and paver Jin min. the plank road slope is very steep. Looking up from a low place, you can't see the end at all. Instead, you feel that the whole plank road is pressing against you, It's really steep. Be careful up and down

there are many well-known scenic spots for tourists to choose, such as cuitan lanbao, wuwangpo, yanziyan, Yilian Youmeng, Shenquan gorge, etc. Tourists can visit each scenic spot in the following order, which can be completed in about half a day, The specific recommended routes are:

enter from the West Gate - visit a line of heaven - the ladder plank path - the Sandie Trail - family photos - singing with women - millennium old rattan - tianxianshui waterfall - winding paths and secluded forests - Chuang Wang Ting - Southern Red Flag Canal - all the way Ping'an bridge - Zhuxian spring - Butterfly Spring waterfall - soundproof stone - strange mystery Cave - bandit Cave - giant salamander breeding base - glass bridge - - exit from the north gate

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