Careful calculation and smart saving of decoration

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Carefully calculate the decoration budget and skillfully save

the preferential profit transfer given to you by general decoration companies is carried out within the scope of reasonable profits. Generally, if the gross profit is 30%, the net profit is about 10%. If you "cut" the price beyond the scope of net profits, the decoration company may lose money, and in the case of fierce competition in the home decoration market, the decoration company hopes to get this project, Then he will be forced to make up for the lost losses in "material" or "work", which is often referred to as "cutting corners". So focusing on bargaining with decoration companies is not the best way to reduce budget costs. So in home decoration, how to save money and achieve good results

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pay close attention to the large and let go of the small contract

choose the all inclusive decoration method, and consumers often worry about being cut by the decoration company; Choosing to clear the package requires a lot of energy, and may eventually be fooled by bad sellers. How to do, we should save money and effort. We might as well choose the semi cleaning method, grasp the large materials by ourselves, and let the construction personnel buy the small materials. The so-called big materials refer to sanitary wares, floors, cabinets, water pipes, wires, switches and other materials with large amount of money or high quality requirements. For example, the floor generally accounts for 10% - 20% of the total price of decoration materials. If you let the decoration company purchase, it is very easy to cut off your one or two thousand yuan. Small materials refer to materials with large consumption and low unit price, such as yellow sand, cement, nails, screws, bricks, etc. the market price difference of these materials is generally small, and the price is also low. The owner himself can find a building materials store nearby and take the materials by bookkeeping. The construction personnel do not directly generate money transactions with the owner, which can eliminate the phenomenon of kickbacks. Even if the construction personnel may waste some materials, the total amount will not be very large. In addition, some projects can be contracted out to professionals or companies, such as door panels, water pipes, wiring, etc. these professional companies generally settle accounts according to the actual use of materials, and there will be no overstatement of materials

superficial articles do less

waist lines in ceramic tiles, tiles, lines on doors, which are purely used as decorative materials, often make you spend thousands of yuan more unconsciously. For example, a solid wood craft door may only cost 300 yuan, while the solid wood lines used in the door cover may exceed 300 yuan; A lap of waist line in the bathroom may cost more than 1000 yuan, while ordinary ceramic tiles with the same area can only cost one or two hundred yuan or even dozens of yuan at most. In fact, these pure decorative materials are completely unnecessary in terms of functions. If your budget is tight, they should be the first projects to be cut off. Further consideration, as long as the function meets the requirements, we should choose materials with lower prices and relatively poor decoration. For example, for ceramic tiles of the same brand, the old design and color may only be the general price of new products, but in fact, the quality of the two is not very different, and some precious solid wood floors may not be as durable as ordinary wood floors. Obviously, less superficial work can save more money

before decoration, we should know well

what we want to say here is that the owner should know well about his house, how much to install it, what it looks like, and what materials, furniture, and electrical appliances to choose. Before decoration, you might as well take a look at the large decorative material market, wholesale and hypermarket. Having a clear idea, we can naturally have a definite aim, and the use of money will naturally be more effective




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