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The owners are most afraid of the decoration company, and all kinds of traps are worrying. This article helps you see the tips to deal with all kinds of decoration quotation traps

the owners are most afraid of the decoration company, and all kinds of traps are worrying. This article helps you see how to deal with all kinds of decoration quotation traps

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trap 1 intentional omission of project

some main materials were deliberately omitted from the decoration quotation. The owner was attracted by this kind of quotation with reasonable overall price and readily signed the contract, but in the next decoration process, the owner will have to pay out for these malicious forgetfulness of the decoration company

trick: it is suggested that the owner should first be a villain and then a gentleman. According to the design drawings, it is required to write clearly all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself. Generally, the main materials that are easy to be omitted are the materials used for corners, such as background walls and ceilings

trap 2 lowers the price of a single item

hearing too much about the trickiness of the decoration company, the owner will certainly know some price information in advance, but it is often not comprehensive enough. Some owners may know the current market price of the floor, but they may not know the labor cost of floor installation. It is easy to cut down the floor price, but they suffer a loss in labor cost

trick: when looking at the decoration quotation, don't just focus on the single price of a certain item, but combine the costs of labor, loss, machinery and other aspects as well as the costs of other items. If you find that a certain price is particularly low, then you have to review the prices of other items

trap 3: blur the important parameters of main materials

this is a trick commonly used by nonstandard decoration companies. Although the required materials and quantities are stated, it does not explain what brand, quality, specification of materials are selected, or used in measurement “ Item ” And fuzzy quantifiers as units. The same kind of main materials of the same brand are sometimes divided into first-class products and second-class products, with great differences. As for the same “ Item ” The practical significance of the content can be greatly discussed

unscrupulous: the price of materials is the basis of quotation. It is necessary to match the unit price with the specification of products to see the cost. Each item in the quotation should explain the various elements of materials in detail as much as possible, and the specific measurement should not be vague. During the decoration period, it is necessary to check whether the relevant materials are purchased according to the specified requirements

trap 4 construction process is ambiguous

the hands and feet that can be done in the text description are actually no less than those in the numbers. Wall coating construction and floor construction have their own construction process requirements. If a process is omitted in the middle, it may cause you a lot of trouble in your future life

Demolition: learn more about decoration, understand the construction process standards of various projects about interior decoration, and regularly go to the new house decoration site to understand the process. But a better way is to hire a decoration company with qualifications, strong professionalism and stable construction personnel to serve itself

trap 5: misrepresentation of quantities

when the owner reviews the quotation budget, he does not understand the calculation rules of quantities and roughly estimates the quantities, which makes some unscrupulous decoration companies or roads “ Guerrillas ” There is an opportunity. They take measures such as increasing the quantity of projects and setting up multiple repeated pricing to make money. There are a little more here and there, and together, there are many more reports

Demolition: understand the calculation rules of the quantities. When reviewing the quantities, the owner requires the decoration company or the construction team to provide the calculation sheet of the quantities and check it with the design drawings. If necessary, the construction party will go to the site to measure and check it and determine the price of each single item. If there is any change in the construction in the future, the owner can issue a notice, and the settlement will be based on the increase or decrease of the quantities after completion




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