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Leaving aside the profound philosophy of operation and management for the time being, the most urgent question to be solved is how to retain their consumers. To put it simply, it is how to make your customers like you, including goods and services, brand and civilization, and then continue to purchase, continue to purchase. Mutations inevitably constitute mutations. When millions of consumers offer "small profits" to you every day, you will make big profits, and your business will become a big business

therefore, in order to retain consumers and prevent TA from running away, Guanhao windows Xiaobian thought: we can at least do the following work:

1, don't treat consumers as fools

every consumer's opinion is worth considering. Although sometimes the questions raised by most consumers annoy you and don't want to be perfunctory, please remember that consumers who are willing to give opinions are consumers who have expectations for you

2, goods are the source of all

if you can't make extraordinary goods, you need to make extraordinary commodity value and civilization. This is not only strengthened in the promotion of packaging, but also should explore the value to consumers from the use of goods. You must make consumers feel bright in front of you and remember it deeply

3, the consumer's personal data is the main "asset" you obtain.

but you must not use it indiscriminately or harass it excessively. Even if you send text messages or email, it should be enough. It's the same as seeking love. If she is interested in you, she will definitely answer positively, and too much frenzy will only bring negative images

4, set up an interaction mechanism with your consumers

when the website has done a marketing, it needs to have a port to accept the reactions of consumers. Collecting the voices of users is the simplest work, and then you will know how to do it

5, there should also be a data background that tracks consumer behavior and user follow-up

so that you can have a grasp of the overall situation of your website. But the main thing is not to be confused by a large number of data, just grasp the most important one or two data is enough, analyze and digest, just like a two legged person, you know

6, no consumer doesn't want to spend the least money to get the best thing

but there is no cheap and high-quality thing in the world. You'd better declare to the consumer that the goods here are good and cheap. Don't argue with consumers afterwards about how good your product is, because you are not the only one with this product, and you don't know much about your product

7, you need to have your own commodity quotation system

classify and manage high, medium and low-grade commodities. Don't falsely raise the quotation in the early stage of listing, and then greatly reduce the price to attract consumers' purchase. This is tantamount to throwing a stone at your own feet. Because you can guess that your commodities will experience multiple rounds of promotions and discounts in the future, experienced consumers will turn over the previous sales records, and then question your integrity, Old customers are gradually lost

8, if your goal is to make a brand

then you can't discount without discount. Quotation war is a "death squads" strategy used by e-commerce. Instead of discounting and reducing prices, it's better to allocate packages and give gifts to make consumers feel good. Remember that most people don't necessarily want to buy cheap goods, but they must be happy with "taking advantage of cheap goods"

9, never tell consumers that you don't make money and that you lose money and earn credibility by doing this activity.

it's unreasonable to make money by doing business. You don't need to label yourself as a "public welfare", which will make consumers feel hypocritical. As long as you make the goods quality and uniqueness, consumers are willing to let you make money, and profit is the foundation of livelihood

10, we must have our own principles and gestures

in dealing with public work, we must be fair and equitable, not only the generosity of large companies, but also the humility of small companies. "Do things like a real brand". The feeling that a real brand conveys to its consumers is sincere, reliable and trustworthy. Let consumers be proud of you

11, when your regular customers and lively customers shop,

don't be stingy and often give them small gifts. Gifts really don't have to be very big and expensive. Just let your customers know that this is your intention and your gratitude for their support. Loyal customers are usually very rational. As long as you respect them, they will also give back to their students. Customers who trust you for a long time, support you and convey word of mouth for you deserve the treatment of "VIP"

12, remember to "promote" all the time, not advertising

convey the brand through various social media channels, convey the story between you and your customers, wechat, Weibo, blog, news, go to all the places where your customers and potential customers will go to promote, let them see you, and be proud to be your customers, Occasionally, some people will jump out of the crowd and say, "Hey, I've used XX's stuff, it's not bad." See, this is the answer you want

in terms of consumer service, there is no one-stop solution. All ordinary solutions require you to do them over time, which will have a positive effect and gradually explode its power. In a word, remember a central point. All you do is to make consumers trust you. With trust, consumers will spark with you and have a kind of enthusiasm. Like a lover, they will introduce you to their relatives and friends. TA will be proud of you, and their relatives and friends will also praise TA for its vision. It's all so simple





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