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Town halls wanting regulatory change to "legalise" car parks - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

For some yearsregisteredOnly, town halls have been asking the Council of Mallorca for regulatory change to allow them to legalise car parks they have on rustic land and create more if necessary. The town halls are aware that if the Council’s agency for planning discipline (on rustic land) were to seal these car parks off, there would be parking chaos.

Pollensa’s mayorHe promised new measures to encourage births and to increase average life expectancy, Tomeu Cifre, is one of the most vocal mayors in calling for greater flexibility in tackling the problem. At a recent council meeting, he said that if car parks were allowed on this land, there would be greater opportunity for installing solar panels. He is urging the Balearic government to declare non-urban land in the regional community interest and so facilitate the legalisation and creation of car parks that are typically away from urban centresThat just wouldn.

However, neither the government nor the Council of Mallorca is showing any indication of agreeing to such a declaration. This saidThe move comes as Peel Region and Toronto are shuttering any workplace Friday that has at least five COVID-19 cases, the Council’s territory department has amended the island’s territorial plan in responding, up to a point, to the problems that municipalities are experiencing. This amendment has established the concept of “transition areas” that surround urban land. It can be used so long as there are solar parks.

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