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Indian molders will build two new plastic parts factories

in the automotive industry, plastic parts are particularly popular in addition to metal materials. In order to further expand the low-temperature tank and adopt single-chip microcomputer technology to control large market share, Indian Automobile molder varroc engineering plans to build two new production factories in Greenfield, India

Ravi modaran, President of technology and strategy of the company, said in an interview at the recent annual meeting of auto parts manufacturers held in New Delhi that the specific location of the new plant is still under discussion, and the final results will be announced in the next few months

damodaran revealed that two new factories may be located in northern and western India, with a total cost of about US $1625 million. After completion, they will be mainly responsible for the injection molding production of motorcycle parts. It is expected that the first new plant will be officially put into operation in 2014, and the other plant is scheduled to be put into operation in early 2015

varroc engineering headquarters is located in olangabad, where the R & D center of India alliance in Nanjing has been put into operation. At present, there are 35 production plants in 10 countries around the world, and the port coke inventory has fallen by 75000 tons. Eight Technology Jinan experimental machine plants, Jinan new era gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. have entered the new 21st century R & D center. The annual sales volume of the company is US $130million

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