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The application of dairy packaging quality detection and analysis technology

dairy products, as a routine consumer goods, play an important role in people's life. With the improvement of life quality, consumers are more and more picky. In order to meet the needs of consumers, many dairy manufacturers continue to launch new dairy packaging at the same time of launching new products to meet the needs. Now sterile dairy packaging, fresh-keeping dairy packaging, cooking resistant dairy packaging and square box Roof type, flexible plastic packaging, bottled and so on emerge in endlessly. The flexible packaging of dairy products accounts for an increasing proportion in the whole dairy packaging industry with its unique advantages, and the quality control problem of flexible packaging products is also becoming more and more prominent. The following is an introduction to the quality inspection and analysis technology of dairy flexible packaging products. For details, please call

I. detection and analysis of composite strength of dairy flexible packaging materials

dairy flexible packaging in the market, such as sterile pillows and sterile bricks, are mostly composite plastic and composite paper. The higher the composite strength, the better. The tear resistance or destruction resistance is the most ideal. The high viscosity value can prevent the composite layer from separating. After the composite material is processed into a bag, it is likely to cause damage to the composite layer when exposed to the harsh environment or affected by moisture and chemical components. Using high viscosity adhesives will undoubtedly achieve high-quality composite, but the production cost will increase. It can not only achieve the required composite, but also save costs, which requires the detection and analysis of the quality of the composite layer in order to find the appropriate composite technical indicators. At present, both domestic and imported tensile machines can be used for Peel test, but they are all general-purpose and simple force calculation. Jinan Languang's PC intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is specially used for testing in the flexible packaging industry, which fully conforms to GB 880888 soft composite peeling test. It has a unique function of cutting off the beginning and ending, and uses the integral method to calculate the force value in the middle section; The results are accurate, the force value and curve are displayed in real time, and the use of adhesive is judged according to the measured force value; Understand the uniformity of the composite according to the fluctuation of the displayed curve; Analyze the stability of this group of samples through curve superposition; Then adjust the production process and compound parameters accordingly

II. Detection and analysis of the friction coefficient of dairy flexible packaging materials

through the test of the friction coefficient of packaging materials, the opening of flexible packaging bags, the packaging speed of packaging machines and other production quality process indicators can be controlled and adjusted. At present, the equipment made in China has been in line with international standards, and has a unique setting of vibration coefficient, which is suitable for films and papers of different materials. Intelligent data processing is effective. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot development in the future. Judging the confidence of the results of this group of samples, large LCD real-time display curves, and intuitively judge the uniformity of material surface friction coefficient. For manufacturers of packaging materials, pneumatic can choose the type and content of opening agent and smoothing agent in the resin to control the friction coefficient through testing. For manufacturers using packaging materials, they can effectively control the quality of raw materials. At present, because there are many and different executable standards for the friction coefficient of dairy packaging, such as the difference in test conditions of gb10006, ASTM d1894, iso8295 and other standards, enterprises have encountered many problems in the friction coefficient of packaging materials. Labthink Blue's mxd-02 machine has multiple standard detection functions, which perfectly meets the problems caused by different standards in the detection of enterprises

III. detection and analysis of air permeability and moisture permeability of dairy flexible packaging materials

the research on the air permeability and moisture permeability of dairy packaging materials is particularly important in the dairy industry, which directly affects the quality of products. This index can be measured internationally, such as the perme ox2/230 oxygen transmittance test system of American makon, Danish PBI and Labthink blue light. Labthink Blue's perme ox2/230 oxygen transmittance test system adopts Coulomb principle and isobaric method to test the oxygen permeability of dairy flexible packaging films, sheet materials and dairy bottles, bags, cans, boxes and other packaging containers. The instrument has advanced functions, and its accuracy has reached the international advanced level. It adopts the mode of host computer and satellite computer. One host computer can connect nine satellite computers, and can realize the simultaneous testing of 30 samples, which greatly improves the efficiency of testing

IV. detection and analysis of heat sealing strength of soft packaging of dairy products

heat sealing strength is an important performance index for packaging materials. Any kind of soft packaging materials should be made into packaging bags to package all kinds of goods, and the packaged goods should achieve the packaging purpose through heat sealing and sealing. The seal of dairy packaging must have a certain strength to bear the gravity of a certain weight of the contents, so as to ensure that the goods will not crack in the process of circulation. PC intelligent electronic tensile testing machine can professionally complete this test, and it can even replace traditional materials such as metal and wood. The equipment can automatically read the data, automatically judge the value of power under this background, and can carry out data superposition analysis on the same group of samples. In addition, if the laboratory wants to test the sealing strength (also known as the heat sealing strength), it also needs to use the heat sealing tester to prepare the heat sealing sample

v. detection and analysis of the tightness of dairy packaging

the tightness of soft packaging is also an important performance index, especially in the dairy packaging industry, and the tightness also has a great impact on the quality of products. Poor sealing is the main cause of leakage and corruption in the future. There are many methods for sealing test. The most commonly used method is to use the sealing tester, use the vacuum principle, and keep it at -30kpa, -50kpa, -70kpa, -90kpa respectively for 0.5 minutes according to the national standard. During the test, pay attention to the leakage of the sample during vacuum pumping and vacuum holding, and observe whether there are continuous bubbles. When there are isolated bubbles, it is not considered as leakage. The quality of the packaging bag is measured by the measurement of the sealing property, and then the rationality of the sealing process is determined

of course, the above method adopts the principle of visual inspection, which is a qualitative test method; If you want to quantitatively detect the sealing and leakage performance of packaging, you can use the sealing performance test equipment based on the principle of positive pressure method, such as the lssd-01 leakage and sealing strength tester of Labthink Languang for quantitative detection

VI. other quality inspection and analysis of dairy packaging

the ultimate purpose of dairy packaging is to promote sales. The dairy packaging with exquisite appearance printing will undoubtedly fully attract the attention of consumers and expand market share. The density, density difference, color, color difference, overprint rate and printing contrast of dairy packaging prints can be measured by the spectrodensitometer of American Ashley company; For the detection of the ink layer bonding fastness of dairy packaging printing or the wear resistance of printing ink, we can use Labthink blue mcj-01a friction tester and blj-02 disc peeling tester to detect, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling printing and color quality control

the analysis of the above inspection and analysis indicators of dairy flexible packaging is very important to adjust the production process and improve the product quality in the actual production. Through continuous tests, we can master various reasonable production parameters to guide the production of dairy packaging

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