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Outsourcing services in India have become the main driving force of economic development

in India's industrial structure, the service industry accounts for more than 50% and has become the main driving force of economic development. Among them, the most remarkable is the outsourcing services that have sprung up in recent years

according to statistics, outsourcing services have created more than 2.3 million jobs in India, accounting for 7% of India's GDP and nearly 40% of India's total exports. At present, India has accounted for 65% of the world's offshore information service industry and 46% of the outsourcing industry

India's outsourcing services should be software and related services, which contribute nearly 80% of the output value of outsourcing services. Many international well-known multinational companies' office applications are developed and serviced by Indian information technology companies. Since the beginning of this century, in order to undertake the transfer of global service industry, the Indian government has extended the preferential policies enjoyed by the software industry to other related service industries driven by information technology, so as to promote the development of the entire outsourcing service industry. Call center, data processing, accounting services, station maintenance, engineering, unswervingly promote reform, technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, accelerate industrial upgrading design, insurance declaration processing and other outsourcing service businesses can enjoy preferential policies such as tax exemption

under the combined effect of favorable policy treatment and low human resource costs, many European and American companies outsource a business process, such as customer service such as answering customers, to local Indian companies. According to reports, India currently has about 100000 remote customer service centers. Some multinational banks in the financial sector have also moved their service centers for inquiry and loss reporting to India. Other service outsourcing businesses contracted by India also include multimedia production, network management, engineering consulting, medical consulting, legal consulting, accounting services, and even overseas chat services

India's service industry, with outsourcing services as its highlight, is leading a global service industry revolution and also prompting people to think new about the mode of economic development. India chose to take the service industry as the development orientation, bypassing the adverse factors restricting the development of its manufacturing industry, such as low savings rate, backward infrastructure and limited foreign direct investment. In recent years, India's economy has maintained high growth, and the program tells us: "the fact that early childhood education resources are everywhere proves that it is possible to drive rapid economic development through the service industry. People - people overseas edition"

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