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Application of innovative technology of corrugated box adhesive (III)

(II) starch additive

1. Product Name: starch additive (stabilizer, bridging agent)

2. Manufacturer: Taiwan stick Birch Chemical has brought confidence Co., Ltd.

to extruder enterprises. Product characteristics:

(1) control paste viscosity, improve stability, increase initial investment, increase speed, increase output and reduce loss rate, Save steam energy. (2) Increase the bonding strength, make the next layer of paperboard waterproof, and reduce moisture regain and softening. (3) Increase the hardness, flat pressing, ring pressing and breaking strength of the paperboard. (4) Make the paste liquid have water retention, improve the stability of the paste liquid, and prevent the paste from thinning and deterioration. (5) Non toxic, odorless, pollution-free, extremely safe

4. function:

(1) stabilizer (sb series products):

sb series products are a kind of organic and inorganic composite salts, which cooperate with bridging agent and starch paste to form a wrong compound. It has the effect of inhibiting swelling below 40 ℃, and the viscosity of paste rises slowly, making the viscosity of paste safe. Add 0.5-1% starch

(2) bridging agent (CA series products):

CA series products are a kind of vinyl polymer powder paste, which gives more multiplication effect, makes the cardboard have good bonding strength, and gives the cardboard bonding layer an excellent waterproof effect. Add 3%-7% to the amount of starch

(III) water and moisture resistance, fast drying enhancer

1 Product Name: new water and moisture resistance, fast drying enhancer (Yanli glue)

2 Shandong Yantai Yanli Chemical Co., Ltd.

3 product features:

(1) water and moisture resistance and unique permeability, which can greatly improve the adhesive strength and compressive strength of paperboard

(2) reduce costs, increase speed and increase output. Gluing nails is 100mm × 45mm, and the interface only needs 1 cm line, and the cost is only 1/10 of that of traditional flat wire binding nails; It is lower than 1/3-1/8 of white latex and polyvinyl alcohol. It is the preferred product for the packaging of modern import and export paper products

(3) excellent quality. High initial viscosity, good positioning and fast bonding. It can be bundled and warehoused in 10 minutes

(4) it has the function of repairing the split paperboard and splicing paper. The repaired paperboard is flat. Sometimes the experimental space needs to reach 3 meters high and is impervious to glue. 1. Some market players' responsibilities are not implemented in place, and there is no trace of repair; The spliced paper can be used after 10 minutes, especially for the splicing of corrugated paper, and the crimping will not break

4 performance and breakthrough

the bonding process of corrugated board contains complex physical and chemical changes. Ordinary corn starch glue has poor permeability, and it is difficult to penetrate into the paper fiber layer after automatic line coating. The adhesion of ordinary paper is also good, such as when encountering Meika, a card, sea king and other high-end paper, there should be degumming. Yanli water resistant enhancer has more than 10 times higher permeability than ordinary corn gum, and 3-5 times higher permeability and strength than additives produced by other manufacturers

this product is a variety of polymer resin complex, which exudes wrapping paper fibers at the moment of gelatinization, and forms a solidified phase frame on the colloidal surface in the drying channel. It can enhance the adhesion, improve the yield of paperboard, make the tile line run at high speed, high efficiency and high quality, and give full play to its due performance. It is non-toxic and harmless, and belongs to environmental protection products

5. Advantages of the product: (1) enhance the adhesion fastness, fast drying, improve the production line speed by 20% - 60%, improve the quality and output of paperboard, reduce the wastage rate, smooth paperboard, and high printing yield; (2) The paper shot weight can be reduced by 15% - 20% under the same compression conditions by strengthening the paperboard hardness, flat pressing, ring pressing and cracking radian; (3) 'I compared with conventional or other glue making, under the same bonding strength, it can save 10% - 25% of the amount of starch and reduce 20% - 30% of the amount of caustic soda; (4) Good initial continuity, avoiding hollowing, degumming and other diseases in paperboard production, and the yield is as high as 100%; (5) The additives make the suspension of starch particles better, and the sterilization ingredients make the storage time of the glue longer; (6) Due to the water resistance of additives, the ability of paperboard to resist atmospheric water erosion is improved. Experiments have proved that the cardboard will not open naturally after being immersed in normal temperature water for 48-72 hours, which is more suitable for long-term storage, refrigeration, shipping and other extreme environments

6. Scope of use:

(1) high, medium and low speed automatic production line glue machine

automatic veneering machine

(2) this product is widely used in all kinds of automatic manual carton and carton interface bonding nails

(IV) paste loaded modified starch

1. Product Name: hb280 water resistance enhancement, paste loaded modified starch

2. Manufacturer: Jiangxi Hongxing modified starch factory

3. The biggest advantage is to improve product quality, reduce production costs, and replace imported additives. It is applicable to carton enterprises where the pressure of corrugated paper oil source system increases with the increase of load

4. technological innovation and Breakthrough: solve the problems of poor bonding strength of corrugated board, poor initial viscosity of raw starch, slow drying, poor water resistance and low speed

5. benefits for carton Enterprises: improve quality and reduce comprehensive costs


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