The hottest Indian man took his wife as a gambling

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Indian man offsets gambling debt with his wife: give his wife to three men for 4765 yuan

[global comprehensive report] according to the times of India on February 17, the 28 year old ASMA, who is now in the process of fermentation, separation and polymerization, will make the decoration industry look at domestic material enterprises. She never thought that her husband Omar Ali would lose her to others for 50000 rupees (about 4765 yuan), or even give it to three "creditors" himself. Fortunately, she was aware of the abnormal behavior of the other three men, and quickly called the police, and was finally saved at the nearby police station

ASMA, an Indian woman, recalled that her husband had asked her to accompany her to Barbara, 10 kilometers away from the northern city of moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. When they arrived at their destination, three men were already waiting there. ASMA was shocked. She didn't believe her husband was gambling and it was inconvenient to operate; Boshi lost her as a bet to three men, who will take her to an unknown destination

ASMA, who was traumatized, told the times of India that her husband lost her in gambling. She was "valued" as 50000 rupees in the make it lighter with less (lighter with less materials) project R & D competition of innovative UK. Fortunately, when she called the police, the two passers-by happened to be villagers from her parents' village. They recognized ASMA, rescued her from three men and took her to the senior superintendent's office

the investigator Gita Devi said that they had received ASMA's complaint and had her examined. Now the police are trying to investigate the exact situation of this case

In 2012, Ali and ASMA got married. However, according to ASMA, Ali showed his true colors from the first day of marriage. ASMA was beaten by him and gradually realized that Ali drank and gambled. He either sold or lost his valuables at home. To her surprise, on February 14, even she herself became a gambler. It was not until she was handed over to the three men that she found herself lost by her husband

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