The hottest Indian merchants purchase iron casting

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Indian businessmen came to Xuangong company to purchase iron castings. On November 6, Mr. Babu, the procurement manager of a hydraulic parts Co., Ltd. in India, visited Xuangong company and visited the cast iron branch and the hydraulic branch respectively. Through visiting the company's production equipment and process, he understood the company's products. Mr. Babu was very satisfied with the quality of Xuangong company's hydraulic parts, On site, the valve body developed in the early stage was immediately put into production, and the problem products that could be seen by the eyes such as whether there was scratch on 20 samples, and at the same time, the drawings of six kinds of ductile iron castings were handed over immediately ψ It means that our company will calculate the quotation

5% of the company's products 8, such as the F120 engine of the American verification machine, are castings, and we are willing to deepen cooperation with Xuangong company in the future

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