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Indian metal factory welding robot brewing industrial accident again

it is reported that this worker is too close to the robot in his work. The welding rod protrudes from the robot arm and directly pierces its abdomen. It is reported that the factory immediately sent him to a nearby hospital for treatment, but he was dead when he arrived. However, some police said that the workers died on the spot at the scene of the accident

the victim's name is ramgiral, 24 years old, from winnow, Uttar Pradesh. He has been employed for one and a half years and just got married a year ago. Lars is a welder. He usually deals with welding machines and welding robot production lines. At the time of the accident, about 63 workers and 39 robots were also working at the same time

a colleague said: the robot's pre-set program is to pick up the metal plate for welding. One of the boards was crooked, and Lars stretched out his hand from behind to adjust it. Just then, the welding rod on the device pierced Lars' abdomen. Another colleague said that if Lars leaned in front of him and didn't bend down, the accident wouldn't have happened

the Secretary General of a local trade union organization said: management negligence is the reason for the accident. No one can guarantee that robots will not have accidents. We demand compensation and investigate the accident. In addition, the guild also requires adding safety measures to all robots to ensure that accidents do not happen again

a policeman said that the police were watching the surveillance video and were also inquiring about the situation in the factory. In addition, the local assistant police chief said that the company and the contractor were suspected of causing death due to management negligence, so they have been recorded

just a month ago, a robot homicide also occurred at Volkswagen in Germany. A 22-year-old outsourcing employee at the baunatal factory in Germany was killed by a robot accident. Volkswagen spokesman Haike hillwig (HEI France's M88 ⑵ engine kohillwig) said that the robot caught the worker and squeezed him into a metal plate. The worker died after being sent to hospital because of his serious injury

hilvig said: preliminary investigations showed that this was due to manual errors. He revealed that the worker was responsible for assisting in the installation of the robot and was in a safety cage at that time. Safety cages separate workers from robots that operate metal. At the time of the accident, another worker was also at the scene. Because he was behind the obstacle, he was not hurt

A spokesman for Volkswagen stressed that this robot is not a new generation of lightweight robots that can work together with workers. It was also reported that the robot was used to produce electric motors. The robot was not damaged in the accident

in factories in western countries, fatal cases related to robots are extremely rare. Heavy robots are usually placed behind safety cages to prevent accidental contact with humans. In this incident, the dead technician was standing in the safety cage at the time of the incident. While his colleague stood outside the cage without injury. Volkswagen said that this robot does not belong to the new generation of light cooperative robots. At present, some automobile manufacturers have begun to put light cooperative robots into production lines to work with workers

the carbon industry chain has 10 points of environmental protection benefits, which is significantly higher than its special personality and bottleneck free upstream words: as a symbol of scientific and technological innovation and manufacturing level, the robot industry is being highly valued by all countries. Many countries have raised the development of robot industry as a national strategy to gain competitive advantage in the manufacturing field. Whether industrial 4.0 in Germany or made in China 202 Jinan Shijin is the first enterprise in our country to produce experimental machines 5, or industrial interconnection in the United States, robots are indispensable

but when countries are immersed in the progress of the times brought by robots, do they pay enough attention to the negative effects of robots? At the beginning of 2015, bill? Gates, Hawking, Tesla CEO musk and others expressed concern and called on humans to be cautious in the face of robots. Now it seems that their concerns are not superfluous

if you give up eating because of choking and hesitate to move forward in robot strategy, it will be overcorrected. In the final analysis, robots are no different from any previous cutting-edge technology of human beings. They are not monsters, nor are they born demons. The key is that human beings should also invest matching energy to prevent and make up possible loopholes and cultivate talents who operate robots regularly when they are hot to develop robots. Human beings should ensure that they always have the wisdom and ability to control robots with rapid changes

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