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Jiangnan Shipbuilding digital production planning key technology application

Abstract: the shipbuilding digital production planning system takes project management as the core, builds an integrated plan sharing management platform around the production and construction plan, and comprehensively manages the production plan, design plan, production preparation plan and material supporting plan through network optimization, electronic Kanban and other technologies, so that the plan management can achieve pre event, in event feedback control, Effectively improve the enforceability of the plan, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and shorten the overall construction cycle

1 introduction

shipbuilding is a large-scale complex product manufacturing mode with order as the guide and production as the core. Its industry characteristics determine that all activities are production centered; Therefore, shipbuilding production plan (this paper defines shipbuilding production plan as a generalized plan, covering the whole shipbuilding activities of the enterprise.) Management plays a decisive role in improving production management level and production efficiency. A high-quality and efficient production plan management system should play a good auxiliary role in the formulation, implementation, feedback and continuous improvement of production plans, make the whole production plan form an effective closed-loop management, support the application of modern shipbuilding mode, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and bring higher economic benefits to enterprises

all activities of shipbuilding enterprises are carried out under the guidance of planning. From the perspective of business functions, the functions of shipbuilding production planning are shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 function of shipbuilding production plan

the traditional shipbuilding production plan management is compiled manually or by using spreadsheets. The main challenges are as follows:

① there is a lack of an integrated plan sharing and implementation platform. Although the level of the plan and the logical relationship between the plans are clear, it is difficult to generate an integrated production plan by manual calculation and summary, so that the level and logical relationship cannot play a real role, As a result, the plans at all levels are not authoritative and the adjustment is very random

② the overall plan is led by local plans, and the company's instructions and intentions cannot be carefully implemented and implemented; Large, medium and small schedule plans are independent and independent of each other, and the plan items at all levels cannot correspond; The upper level plan cannot restrict and guide the lower level plan, and the lower level plan cannot actively feed back to the upper level plan

③ the supporting inspection before and during the plan formulation is poorly managed, and the implementation status of supporting items cannot be known, which seriously affects the enforceability of the production plan

④ it is impossible to effectively predict the completion of future plan objectives and the realization of cost control according to the current implementation of production plans

the modern shipbuilding mode requires the functional departments to operate orderly according to the relevant plans from the perspective of overall process optimization, so that the functional plans can not only achieve hierarchical and refined management, but also achieve close coordination and constraints between each other

shipbuilding production planning management based on process optimization will pay more attention to the following three management controls

① beforehand control: make full use of the compatibility of manufacturing resources, fully analyze the possible adverse events in the implementation of the plan, timely identify the upcoming deviations of the control object, and take necessary measures to prevent them before the implementation of the plan

② in process control: control implemented in the process of plan implementation, supervise and correct errors, and implement control in a timely manner

③ feedback control: according to the implementation of the plan, find and predict problems, take measures, correct deviations, and ensure the correct implementation of the plan

under the guidance of the overall architecture planning of digital shipbuilding, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has launched the shipbuilding digital production planning system. It is hoped that under the guidance of the ideas and concepts of modern shipbuilding mode, taking the digital production planning management as the core, the integrated management of design, manufacturing and resources will be realized, and the comprehensive management of quality, cost, safety and other related factors will be combined to achieve quality Coordinate and optimize the control between cost and cycle

2 architecture of shipbuilding digital production planning system

2.1 business process optimization

shipbuilding digital production planning management is not an isolated system. It is the core component of digital management in the three major systems of digital shipbuilding: digital design, digital construction and digital management. Therefore, it should be constructed from the perspective of overall business process optimization, However, we do not advocate the use of drastic changes to optimize business processes, and Jiangnan Shipbuilding has basically changed to realize the modern shipbuilding mode, so we mainly use information technology means to realize the optimization of manual operations that are difficult to complete

the management of shipbuilding digital production plan will involve many management such as design, production and materials, and the determination of long-term continuous improvement is needed to establish a standard operation process, a whole process shared information platform and an accurate quota system. In the process of continuous improvement, it also needs the continuous improvement of the enterprise's own management level, so as to promote the continuous innovation, solidification and standardization of the enterprise's business processes. The successful implementation of a valuable information system also needs the support of perfect management systems and ideas

shipbuilding digital production plan management is committed to establishing a plan sharing platform that follows a unified process for plan formulation. All plans will be formulated and managed based on this plan sharing platform. The above process is shown in Figure 2. Its comprehensive plan, production management plan, production preparation plan, production operation plan, transportation and distribution plan, quality plan, design drawing plan, resource plan, etc. will be built on the plan sharing platform. Due to the existence of a shared platform, each plan is no longer isolated. The platform will help establish the interrelationship and mutual restriction between various plans. Through the ubiquitous matching inspection provided by the system, we can ensure that the formulation of the plan is consistent with the actual implementation of the plan, and form an executable plan closer to the actual production. In addition, the system can also provide the means of electronic Kanban to assist in the formulation of the upper plane of the back track plan and the implementation of the back track plan

Figure 2 plan sharing platform following the unified process

2.2 architecture of digital production planning system

according to the relevant theories of digital shipbuilding and the actual needs of shipbuilding digital production planning management, the main goal of shipbuilding digital production planning management system planning is to realize four information management platforms, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 information management platform

2.2.1 single ship project plan management platform

single ship project plan management platform automatically generates the basic plan framework and establishes the correlation constraints of multi-level plans or multi-dimensional plans according to the object parameter data or WBS (PBS) template provided in the shipbuilding digital modeling platform. Automatically calculate equivalent data, automatically report resource conflicts and human-computer interaction balance resource conflicts

the main goal of this basic platform is to serve as the only entry of shipbuilding project data, which can be used throughout the whole process with only a certain degree of maintenance after one entry. So as to reduce repeated data entry and maintain the integrity and consistency of data

the main objects involved in this platform include master plan, carrying network plan, in advance schedule plan, in later schedule plan, in production schedule plan, WP/Wo, etc

2.2.2 shipbuilding integrated plan management platform

the shipbuilding integrated plan management platform is responsible for the macro plans such as the business planning plan and the annual operation plan, as well as summarizing the single ship project plan generated by the single ship project plan management platform, balancing the resource conflicts among multiple ships and generating the comprehensive plan

in the future, shipbuilding cost control will also be carried out on the integrated plan management platform, mainly including cost estimation, cost budget and cost control optimization. The system will provide value-added management technology to control the cost and progress. In this phase, the system only provides the control of construction period and progress

the platform mainly involves three (five) year rolling plan, annual plan, quarterly plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, daily plan, etc

2.2.3 project management real-time collaboration platform

the project management real-time collaboration platform is mainly based on the production management portal, through the plan review and release of workflow control, to achieve version management, establish a fast plan sharing system, and manage, protect and effectively use plan data based on strong security control. The data in production plan management can be extended or integrated into the production management portal to realize the real-time collaborative platform of project management, and become the collaborative platform of the whole shipbuilding production management

2.2.4 plan execution control platform

plan execution control platform is mainly based on a variety of access technologies, including wireless, to actively push plan information to the client, report and summarize the plan completion performance in real time, and calculate the actual completion equivalent value. The difference between the control plan and the actual implementation will automatically send out an overdue alarm. Control the process requirements of order insertion, adjustment and change of the plan, automatically reflect the influence area of the adjustment, and provide limited simulation of feasible solutions. The main purpose of the platform is to realize the closed-loop control of plan execution

3 research on Key Technologies of shipbuilding digital production planning

many key technologies are involved in the development of shipbuilding digital production planning management system. They are based on the idea of project management as the core, and adopt the plan formulation mode of combining single project management based on number ship and project group comprehensive management based on multiple ships, as shown in the figure

Figure 4 core idea diagram of multi project management

in the process of ship construction, single project management is generally adopted for the construction plan of No. 1 ship. Each ship has a relatively independent master plan, carrying network plan, first in progress schedule plan, later in progress schedule plan, manufacturing schedule plan, material procurement plan, self-made parts plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, daily plan, etc; However, for the whole shipbuilding group, there will be parallel construction of multiple ships at the same time. The ABS composition and letter meaning construction plan of multiple ships adopts the comprehensive plan management of project group based on multiple ships. Under the integrated plan management system, the construction plan of the ship is relatively independent, interrelated and mutually restricted

in view of the length, this paper cannot completely describe the systematic key technologies based on the process, but will only make a discrete description of the main key technologies

3.1 digital modeling

digital modeling mainly establishes the digital model of basic data such as various shipbuilding manufacturing resources. It is the basis of the whole shipbuilding digital production planning management. The goal is to establish a calculable basic rule model and support flexible system configuration. The digital model mainly establishes the following basic data models: ① ship type product structure data; ② Process manufacturing data: ③ manufacturing resource data; ④ Quota data: ⑤ plan basic data; ⑥ Standard code; ⑦ Other basic data

we define the technical characteristics of digital modeling mainly in two aspects:

① the application of graphics technology. The use of graphic technology can visually establish the planning business object, which is convenient for the optimization calculation in the process of planning, implementation and control. We mainly apply Microsoft's WPF technology in the system, which directly operates the graphic elements as objects, simplifies the complexity of graphic processing, and makes us pay more attention to the production planning business itself

② integration with design system (such as TRIBON), design management system (such as PDM/PLM) and other systems. The function of integration is two-way, design system and design management system

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