Application of KV2000 series frequency converter o

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Application of KV2000 series frequency converter in cement plant


application of KV2000 series frequency converter in cement plant

keyword: komlong; KV2000; 2. The rusted parts of electronic universal material testing machine are often coated with antirust oil frequency device

at present, the vast majority of injection molding machines belong to hydraulic transmission injection molding machines, and the power in the hydraulic transmission system is provided by the motor driven oil pump. During the injection cycle, the flow and pressure required by the injection molding machine are different in different processes. The flow and pressure required by different processes must be adjusted by the flow valve and pressure valve, and the load changes greatly. Because the output power of the quantitative pump cannot be adjusted, the excess energy can only be consumed in the baffle, oil circuit leakage, oil temperature rise, which intensifies the wear of various valves, and causes excessive oil temperature and motor noise, And the shortening of mechanical life. And usually in the design, the capacity of the motor is much higher than the actual need. There is a phenomenon of "big horse pulling small car", resulting in the waste of electric energy. Therefore, the application of push in injection molding machine is of great significance to reduce energy waste

I. working principle of injection molding machine

the injection molding process is generally divided into the following steps: mold locking → injection and pressure maintaining → melt feeding → cooling and shaping → mold opening ejector pin. The completion of each action has a delicate coordination of several parameters such as time, pressure, speed and position, that is to say, the displacement at a certain position has corresponding pressure and speed, and its pressure and speed are variable in different positions and times. At the same time, after each action is completed, a termination signal is sent to the program controller, and the program controller sends the instruction to execute the next action after receiving the signal

second, the principle of frequency conversion and energy saving of injection molding machine

the traditional injection molding machine uses a quantitative pump to supply oil, and each action in the injection molding process has different requirements for speed and pressure. It bypasses the excess oil back to the oil tank by overflow regulation through the proportional valve of the injection molding machine. In the whole process, the speed of the motor is constant, so the oil supply is also fixed, and because the execution action is intermittent, It is impossible to be fully loaded, so there is a lot of waste space for quantitative oil supply. Pellethane thermoplastic polyurethane is an ideal material for manufacturing a variety of medical equipment. According to the actual measurement, it is at least about 50%. Frequency conversion energy saving aims at this waste of space. It detects the proportional pressure and proportional flow signals from the numerical control system of the injection molding machine in real time, and timely adjusts the motor speed (i.e. flow regulation) required for the action of each working condition, so that the flow and pressure pumped out can just meet the needs of the system, while in the non action state (mainly in the cooling state), it stops the motor, so that the energy-saving space is further increased, Therefore, the frequency conversion and energy-saving transformation of injection molding machine can bring great energy-saving effect

third, the control system of variable frequency speed regulation and energy saving device

we use the non inductive vector variable frequency operation technology (refer to the electrical schematic diagram). The frequency converter can detect the pressure and flow signals from the computer board of the injection molding machine in real time, which drives the development of the auto parts industry. The pressure or flow signals of the disc machine are 0 ~ 1a. After internal processing, different frequencies are output to adjust the motor speed, That is, the output power is automatically tracked and controlled synchronously with pressure and flow, which is equivalent to that the quantitative pump has become an energy-saving variable pump. The power required by the original liquid pressure system and the operation of the whole machine is matched, and the loss of high-pressure overflow energy of the original system is eliminated. It can greatly reduce the vibration of mold closing and mold opening, stabilize the production process, improve product quality, reduce mechanical failures, extend the service life of the machine, and use the technology of the Internet of things and equipment monitoring technology to strengthen information management and services, saving a lot of power

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