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Case sharing: akixi provides reinsurance for int's surface to paste face bricks or paint, which will also increase the possibility of cracks. The asure contact center will provide reinsurance

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on March 10 (compiled/Lao Qin): intasure is a professional construction and content insurance company, which provides services for vacation houses, even if the barrel temperature is high, the property of overseas Chinese and other general insurance companies can't meet the construction insurance needs. Since its establishment nearly a decade ago, intasure has a growing staff and now handles many tens of millions of pounds of income. There are three offices in intasure, England and Spain, employing more than 100 employees

through the high-tech seats in the contact center, the company provides personalized services. The center operates seven days a week, which makes it convenient for customers to contact the company at any time

in view of the nature of intasure business, the efficient telecommunications services provided by RJ Cortel, which is a leading independent consulting service provider of communication services, are crucial. Between intasure offices, RJ Cortel has installed an advanced VOIP network, which enables the communication between intasure offices to be carried out free of charge, including Spain and external calls transmitted through the network

however, there is an important demand in the operation of the company's contact center, which is call management and reporting. Theodora, new business director of intasure. Theodora Murray explained that we have a basic reporting system, but it does not provide enough real-time information or historical reports from the process. Figure polypropylene dashboard framework, which is what we need to maximize productivity and resource efficiency. RJ Cortel recommends using akixi's call management and contact center reporting hosting service

there is no capital expenditure on hardware, and there is no cost of installation and continuous upgrading

we have seen some other systems, but the cost is a problem. Akixi system is easy to implement, and anyone can log in and use it from any location. Because akixi system is managed remotely, it is always the latest version. It can also be accessed from anywhere, supporting a variety of operating systems and devices, including

Dan, project engineer of RJ Cortel. Dan Jones added that intasure needs a better way to manage calls and prevent them from being transferred to voice mail. We recommend akixi system because we know it can be perfectly connected with the Siemens hi path interface of intasure

akixi system and hi path system provide a high-level analysis report, not just data dump. Intasure immediately recognized its benefits

Theodora confirmed that we were impressed by the flexibility of its historical report. We can monitor every half-hour interval by day or month. The information we get from akixi system enables us to reschedule and cover all our businesses to ensure that no calls are missed. Akixi provides tracking from beginning to end, and comprehensive reports enable users like Theodora to review and analyze in real time through akixi 1000 business dashboard

akixi allows authorized users to create customized reports based on more than 200 sets of real-time and historical data. Users can analyze existing reports, add or delete data as needed, or they can create original report parameters according to their choice

akixi system means that we can monitor productivity levels and achieve performance improvements, Theodora said

in conclusion, Theodora said that our investment in our employees and systems enables us to provide first-class customer service. When one of our customers requests from the UK or as far away as Thailand, we need to make sure that they can get an immediate response. Akixi system ensures that we can get the greatest advantage in deploying resources to meet the needs of customers

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