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Polar video++ attendees M88 (2) engine industrial intelligence entrepreneurs' conference in France, discussing ai+ entertainment and business landing

polar video++ attends AI entrepreneurs' conference, discussing ai+ entertainment and business landing

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original title: polar video++ attends AI entrepreneurs' conference, discussing ai+ entertainment and business landing

august 24, The global artificial intelligence Entrepreneurs Conference (gaisc) was held at JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing. Donghuizhi, co-founder and COO of polar video++ was invited to attend and held an industry discussion on the theme of "mining AI application scenarios and how to enter the commercialization road"

The global AI entrepreneurs' Conference (gaisc) is a series of activities in the field of AI sponsored by Shenzhen AI Industry Association. It aims to build a large platform for cross-border exchanges with the world's top AI industry, academia and investment elites, promote the integrated development of global AI, the deep integration of industry, University and research capital, and accelerate the landing and industrialization of AI innovation achievements

under the technological tuyere brought by artificial intelligence, application scenarios and commercial landing have become important propositions for the sustainable development of the industry. As a unicorn enterprise in the field of AI technology, Jilian technology video++ has been well aware of the importance of AI in scene competition and technology landing with its deep cultivation in AI technology for many years. Its original video AI but long-term viewing system videoai and video interactive operating system videoos have been commercialized on a large scale, become the application technology standard in the video field, and take the lead in the trillion level entertainment industry. On this basis, to put an end to all kinds of anti regulation charging actions, polar chain technology video, such as PC, peek and other high-performance modified plastics, have been significantly used in electronics and appliances. ++ adhering to the group development path, it vigorously expands the coverage of AI in entertainment application scenarios. Its business matrix includes AI scene marketing platform, video entertainment e-commerce, interactive entertainment and IP new business entertainment, and takes the lead in more than 100 head traffic platforms, brands, e-commerce Offline industries have reached in-depth cooperation and are committed to building a new entertainment economy with AI technology

therefore, for video++ of polar chain technology, the real AI empowerment is to complete the sinking of application scenarios and commercial landing with technology as the core. Polar chain technology video++ takes the lead in targeting the rigid needs of the cultural and entertainment industry, accelerating the promotion of innovative formats, and achieving real value remodeling. For example, in the effort of using AI to innovate the advertising delivery mode, Jilian technology video++ enables AI to understand the video content and decompose the video into scene units with commercial value through the technical empowerment brought by AI, so as to provide diversified scene delivery solutions for advertisers in different industries through intelligent means, including video tag libraries of digital 3C, life services, brand catering, tourism travel, education and training and other sub categories, Match the advertising scenario of the advertiser, and realize the intelligent advertising based on the video scenario, which improves the conversion rate by more than 45% than the industry

it is reported that the enterprises participating in the Beijing station of the global AI entrepreneurs' conference at the same time include Yuncong technology, Spitz, Geling deep pupil, triangle beast, etc. they have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges around the industry ecology, cutting-edge technologies and development trends of AI. AI has a long way to go in the process of application scenarios and commercialization. As a leading enterprise, video++ of polar chain technology will definitely feel the pain points of the industry, embrace the power of innovation, continue to increase the commercial landing in the field of ai+ entertainment, and use AI to endow greater value to the entertainment industry

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