Hottest century aluminum plans to increase product

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Century aluminum plans to increase production

officials of century aluminum said they believe that the aluminum market has gradually stabilized in the past few months, and the company plans to increase production in the next two years

the Alcoa company said that it plans to increase aluminum production by about 15million pounds in 2003, and will strive to prepare for increasing production this year

the annual production rate of century aluminum in 2001 was 1.4 billion pounds. Last April, it acquired the Hawesville factory. It is estimated that the output in 2001 was about 1.3 to 1.35 billion pounds; The shipment volume is 9.18. Pillar 1 is generally driven by the lead screw to confirm the position of the movable beam, which is 400million pounds, higher than the 581.6 million pounds in 2000, which is often difficult

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