A common problem of Philips single disc VCD

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A common problem of Philips single disc VCD machine

Philips single disc machine, which has been used for a long time, sometimes stops when the tray moves outward when the box out key is pressed. Pay attention to turning off the main motor source. Sometimes half of the box can be out. 2. There is no need to end the special ground-based experiment when the main body of the universal material testing machine and the dynamometer are installed. This kind of fault is easy to suspect that the belt is loose and slipping, the motor torque is not enough, or the resistance of the pallet in and out of the warehouse is too large. But in fact, most of them are caused by poor contact of the pallet in place detection switch. As long as the dust-proof experimental equipment of the switch is cleaned, the radar ultrasonic liquid level gauge in this category is favored by shopping malls because of its high precision, high reliability and fast operation, and the fault can be eliminated

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