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Case study: Delta Dental implements a new contact center knowledge base system

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on April 9 (compiler/Lao Qin): this case study discusses how Delta Dental Washington company deploys a new contact center knowledge base system and strategically improves customer service and employee experience

delta dental Washington is one of the largest dental welfare institutions in the United States, covering 3.6 million patients in the state every year

with the development of technology over the years, they realized that their existing tools could not meet the needs of their growing knowledge base. Their previous experience in knowledge management is very scattered in various departments

their existing user interface is outdated and unfriendly to users. Agents rely on keywords and folders they submit to memory, thereby minimizing the amount of processing required. These files are just long text files

because the drug loading of C microspheres has a significant effect on the size and ζ Potential has affected the emergence of ovid-19. Delta Dental only works for a few weeks, and their contact center has moved from 100% of the site to working only at home. Their existing communication channels and tools cannot meet the need for flexibility in large-scale labor migration

their system is very complex, and only a few content managers can access it, which means a lack of consistency and skill level. This makes it difficult for anyone to support other authors and managers

the system limits their content changes. Deltadental needs a flexible and agile solution that enables them to deliver content consistently so that agents can access information and continue to serve customers

due to the loss of labor due to the pandemic of influenza, it also means that they need a system with the lowest requirements for staff training time in such cases


delta dental selects kms lighthouse as their new knowledge base because it is the most flexible and easy-to-use interface

the communication tools in KMS create a center for agents to access everything they need, which is a means for their supervisors to better support them and ensure that they see communication


permission tool option Shaanxi also provides them with the additional benefits of a system in which everyone can only see information related to them

lighthouse can not only and easily send information updates, process changes and policies to their agents quickly

now, they can ensure that all agents can see the updates and changes immediately, and can identify those agents who may have missed important information

they also hope to open their choices for the future, so as to extract other self-help tools from the content of KMS lighthouse. They can now really focus on what the agents need instead of delivering content we don't even know if they will use

delta dental can fine tune the search expression and see which items are not used. The system enables them to better understand the working habits of employees in different positions, the types of information they need, and how they want to present this information

this enables them to better serve content dependent agents

with the strong support of the whole team of KMS lighthouse, our cooperative relationship is very valuable. We get more from it than we think. We look forward to a long-term partnership and the possibility of integrating other solutions. Stacy maplesden, manager of automation solutions at Delta Dental of Washington, said

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