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21vianet held a new cloud Strategy Conference in Beijing

on April 13, 21vianet held a new cloud Strategy Conference in Beijing. The new strategy will be committed to providing customer-centric, neutral hybrid IT solutions. 21vianet announced that it would cooperate with international giants such as Microsoft and IBM to promote the implementation of international cloud services in China

dual brand strategy pursues cloud neutrality

in the future, 21vianet will be divided into two business brands: 21vianet and lightload infinite. The 21vianet brand will take the high-quality computer room as the core foundation, provide network and operation and maintenance services, and actively cooperate with different cloud platforms to create a customer-centric, neutral hybrid IT service platform to accelerate the implementation of cloud applications at home and abroad. Another business brand is optical unlimited, which mainly provides enterprise customers with comprehensive scheduling optimization of value traffic, such as CDN services and home broadband access services for end customers

in recent years, more and more Internet companies and traditional IT manufacturers have begun to set foot in the cloud service market. As the most representative data center service provider in China, where should 21vianet go in the cloud era

cloud neutrality is the answer given by 21vianet. 21vianet has nearly 20 years of experience in data center operation and maintenance, and has a large number of large customer resources, including Microsoft, IBM, Baidu, and other well-known cloud service providers at home and abroad. 21vianet is forming a close partnership with these cloud service providers, providing cloud computing partners with beneficial and complementary hybrid it service platforms, and jointly providing users with various cloud based solutions and services, Bring a new experience of on-demand customization, safety, controllability, flexibility and efficiency to enterprise customers and individual users

deeply cultivate the data center industry to create high-quality computer rooms

Century Internet is the first enterprise in China to engage in data center services, with nearly 20 years of experience in data center operation and maintenance and management. At present, there are more than 80 distributed data centers operating in more than 30 cities across the country, with 23000 cabinets and more than 500 network nodes, with a total backbone transmission length of 15000km and a transmission bandwidth of 160g

at the cloud strategy press conference, Ma Jingping, senior vice president of 21vianet, said that the boutique computer room needs to meet the requirements of three dimensions: first, the data center should meet international standards, second, solve the problem of interconnection, and third, the ultimate user experience

the data center has different standards from design and construction to later acceptance, operation and maintenance, and management. It is a test procedure of a professional reverse bending tester with a very high span. Combined with 20 years of construction, operation and maintenance and management experience, 21vianet can meet the standard requirements of boutique machine rooms in terms of hardware, environment, architecture, electricity, high and low voltage, energy storage, refrigeration, etc. In terms of interconnection, 21vianet has built three data center clusters in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Each data center cluster is composed of about ten data centers, which solves the interconnection problem between data centers by comprehensively opening up a highly reliable two-tier network. In terms of service standards, 21vianet has a complete service system, which includes more than 100 subdivisions and provides users with perfect SLA guarantee

it is reported that at present, the century Internet boutique computer room has begun to take shape, including Beijing in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. We need a highly active material to fill the mold Xingguang data center, Beijing M6 data center, Yizhuang boxing data center, which will be put into operation in June, and Guangzhou Science City data center, which will be put into use in the Pearl River Delta region

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