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The candy packaging was accused of "plagiarizing" the oil painting

the Beijing News (Lu Jiayu and Chen Junjie) because they believed that the outer packaging of Tibetan secret Temple Pipa throat candy plagiarized the oil painting "free sheep on the roadside", Ms. sun, the custodian of the painting, sued the manufacturer Fujian romantic fish food industry Co., Ltd. and the seller Chaoshi to claim 1million yuan, 80% of which was kept in China. Yesterday morning, the Dongcheng court heard the cantilever beam: 5.5j, 11j, 22j cases

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Ms. Sun said that "putting on the roadside in order to better serve Chinese customers and produce sheep" was created by Tibetan painter Gade in 1993. The painting shows the situation of Tibetans rescuing slaughtered cattle and sheep on the roadside. It has a strong Tibetan style and has been exhibited in large-scale painting exhibitions at home and abroad for many times

Ms. Sun said that she had signed an agreement with the author to manage the copyright of the painting in a trust manner. Ms. sun believed that as producers and sellers, the two defendants used part of the oil painting on the package of Tibetan secret Temple Pipa throat candy without obtaining their permission or paying royalties, which infringed their copyright. Therefore, the lawsuit required the two defendants to stop production and sales and pay a copyright royalty of 1million yuan

romantic fish food industry Co., Ltd. believes that the evidence submitted by Ms. sun cannot prove that she enjoys the copyright of the work. Its agent also said that the candy had been on the market for less than two years. After receiving Ms. sun's lawyer's letter, the packaged candy had been taken off the shelves

supermarkets admit to selling this kind of candy, but the sales are only limited to Beijing and have stopped selling

yesterday, the case was not pronounced in court

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