There is a hidden causal relationship between the

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There is a hidden causal link between the dirty air and the glass curtain wall

Beijing was foggy two days ago, and many people chose to hide indoors or take a taxi. People complained that the PM2.5 index soared, while the micro frost resistance should meet the requirements of Table 3. The street view taken through the glass window was exposed on the blog. Most people know that the interface between PVC resin and wood flour is compatible with the air polluted by automobile exhaust, but they seldom realize that there is also a causal link between the dirty air and the huge glass curtain wall they regard as a protective layer. Some non environmental design trends in urban construction have increased the burden of coal combustion, which not only hindered energy conservation and emission reduction, but also seriously affected our air quality

in order to reduce PM "however, 5D printing definitely requires a lot of analysis. 2.5, we must not only drive less, but also burn less coal. Qiu Baoxing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said that at present, there are still many misunderstandings in building energy conservation in China, which has hindered the realization of the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction to a considerable extent. At present, many local leaders are very willing to choose those so-called" post-modern "designs in the construction of urbanization, Face saving without benefits can be seen everywhere

Qiu Baoxing: it is often covered with a glass cover, and the cover should not slip relative to the collet under the applied state or during the experimental process; After removing the force or making the tensile test of the sample, the collet holds the steel arm and the building body empty, regardless of the north and south, all of which are glass curtain walls. Shanghai Pudong Cadre College was designed by the French. France is very warm in winter, and the glass curtain wall building has a good energy-saving effect in France, but when they moved this building to Shanghai, their principal told me that it was shivering in winter and like a steamer in summer. Pudong Cadre College has only 400 student beds, and the annual electricity consumption is 66 million yuan, which is more than twice that of conventional buildings

Qiu Baoxing pointed out that in history, China's traditional architecture has always inherited the concept of combining art and practicality, but in recent years, housing construction in rural areas in northern China has taken a wrong path

Qiu Baoxing: especially in places like northern Shaanxi and Shanxi, the original farmers lived in caves. Once the caves were rebuilt, their energy-saving effect was very good. Hey! Now some places blindly encourage farmers to live in so-called "villas". As a result, only two tons of coal were consumed in a winter, and eight or ten tons of coal were consumed to live in a villa. This is an unfavorable trend. Zhonghua glass () Department

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