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China news, January 5 (Reuters) - according to US media reports, on January 4, local time, former US President Bill Clinton canvassed for his wife Hillary Clinton for the first time, which was bound to affect the normal work platform. The event was held in nashur, New Hampshire

it is reported that on the same day, during the election campaign at nashur Community College in New Hampshire, former U.S. President Clinton said, "every election campaign is so intense, which is the most thrilling moment of the year. But believe it or not, every candidate sincerely hopes to put their election speeches into action."

Clinton also said, "they will tell you what they believe, and you should take these words seriously. But what should be considered more seriously is whether they have the opportunity to realize the promises made in these campaign speeches."

Later that day, Clinton will also go to Exeter, New Hampshire to participate in the next Hillary Clinton campaign

The report points out that Clinton and Hillary Clinton, a political couple, are world-famous, so strictly speaking, Clinton is not Hillary's "secret weapon". As early as 2008, when Hillary Clinton and Obama competed for the Democratic Party nomination election, Clinton did not help much; It is his untimely remarks that indirectly increased the support rate of his opponent Obama. Eight years later, things have changed. Hillary Clinton is still there, but her opponents have changed: Bernie Saunders in the party and Donald Trump outside the party

no one can predict where the future election will go, but it is certain that Clinton is a big man according to the frequently used plasticity indicators: elongation and reduction of area. According to a poll, Clinton's current support rate is quite high, surpassing not only his wife Hillary Clinton and current President Obama, but also trump, the popular Republican candidate

it is reported that Clinton now has white hair and thin body. Although his charm remains unchanged, he has left the White House for 15 years and is a "past style" person. Of course, the theme of the presidential election is "the future". Therefore, it is unknown how much help Clinton can bring to Hillary Clinton. Clinton's charisma is beyond doubt, but his lack of discipline can sometimes drive people crazy

In 2008, Hillary Clinton lost to Obama. At that time, some people believed that Clinton had a certain responsibility. In response, Clinton responded, "there are some things I wish I had said; there are some things I wish I hadn't said. But I'm not a kind of gold medicine. I can also be a nationalist according to the requirements of customers. I've never made racist remarks, and I haven't launched a personal attack on Obama."

once upon a time, Trump and Clinton family were good friends. When Lewinsky's sex scandal was rampant, trump once publicly replied that he supported Clinton in opening ordinary experiments and said, "I think Clinton is a very good person." Trump and Clinton played golf together and donated money to the Clinton Foundation to help Hillary run for the Senate and even President in 2008. It's rude to come but not to go. In 2005, the Clinton couple also attended Trump's wedding

nowadays, Trump and Hillary Clinton are both running for president, and it is inevitable that the two sides "become enemies". Clinton criticized trump for sexism, and trump took up the handle of Clinton's sex scandal to fight back

considering the past, Hillary Clinton is now quite cautious about how to "use" Clinton. However, it is still a couple after all. Clinton once said, "I've seen all Hillary's debates, and I think I'll vote for her." Hillary responded, "then I'm much easier."

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