This symposium is of far-reaching significance

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This symposium is of far-reaching significance

it is of far-reaching significance

China Construction machinery information

"looking back at the present and the past, generations of Xu workers, led by the advanced demonstration of labor models, have formed XCMG's unique road self-confidence, technical self-confidence, cultural self-confidence, and walked out of XCMG's unparalleled and distinctive high-quality development path." Wang Min's tone was firm and far-reaching

company leaders, national, provincial, and company level model workers, advanced representatives, and new employee representatives gathered together to pay tribute to the most beautiful struggle in the new era. More than 600 pre meeting experts focused on the "development and innovation" situation of the new material industry, and joined hands to gather the spiritual strength to start a new journey and set sail again

we should enhance the pride and sense of mission of the working class in the new era, love their jobs, work hard and contribute, vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmanship, and strive for everyone to shine in the struggle to realize the Chinese dream

the general secretary's kind care and great encouragement have always inspired Xu workers to never slack off and continue to innovate and struggle

the reason why XCMG can become a respected, internationally competitive and ambitious enterprise is inseparable from the role model of labor, the leading role of advanced figures, and the continuous struggle of generations of XCMG workers who use perseverance to run a permanent business

at the symposium, the model worker made an exchange speech

everyone was brilliant

use the "star effect" of the model worker to drive the stars to shine

at the symposium, the stars were brilliant

Zhang Huaihong, who "brightens the heavy weapons of a big country with welding flowers", Chen Gang, who constantly solves the neck sticking problem, "Tian Fei, a skill master who has been rooted in the front line for 27 years," Li Jing, a female general who fought overseas In every corner of the world, XCMG's iron and steel workforce, everyone strives to be the backbone and spiritual force to resist the attack and rush to the top, continue to improve product quality and help enterprises break through innovation

labor is glorious, the shadow of labor is beautiful, and happiness is created by labor. XCMG's great achievements are also created by the labor of all XCMG workers

advanced model workers are the elites of XCMG, the role models of employees and the heroes of development. We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor and the spirit of craftsman, and form an atmosphere of learning from the advanced, catching up with the advanced, striving to be advanced model workers throughout the company, so as to promote positive energy

at the symposium, Wang Min defined the labor model as advanced. This is XCMG's highest praise for labor workers

XCMG has always attached great importance to building an iron and steel cadre and staff team that is loyal to the party, wins honor for the country, and all employees advocate labor and think well of others

model workers have become more important; The spirit of model workers has taken root more stably; At present, there are more than 6000 aluminum electrolytic capacitors as energy storage products, 55% of engineers with master's degree and doctor's degree, and more than 50% of highly skilled talents with senior workers and above

at present, it is in a great change that has not been seen in a century. The equipment manufacturing industry has entered an era of competition between the strong and the sword of Huashan. In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents and the quality of workers

in manufacturing, we should do our products well. The performance of XCMG's products in the hands of customers reflects the quality of our workers and represents our dignity. We should use the products we create to add glory to the Chinese nation

At the symposium, Wang Min issued a mobilization order to Xu workers around the world

"forge ahead on a new journey, innovate and strive for a new era", all Xu workers will always maintain strategic concentration, focus on nothing and stick to one track; We should always keep working hard, go day and night, burn passion, and live forever; p>

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