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In fact, the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is a product with high precision and high technical content combined with machine, electricity and liquid. Reasonable use and maintenance can not only ensure the trouble free operation of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the equipment and give full play to the economic benefits of the equipment. Complete the corresponding test with whatever appropriate fixture, otherwise not only the test will not be successful, but also the fixture will be damaged: generally, the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is only equipped with the fixture for making standard samples. If you want to make non-standard samples, such as steel strand, lapping steel precision, etc., you must add appropriate fixtures; There are also some super hard materials, such as spring steel, which must use clips of special materials, otherwise the fixture will be damaged; Cleaning and cleaning of universal testing machine: it is inevitable to produce some dust during the test, such as oxide skin, metal debris, etc. if not cleaned in time, it will not only wear and scratch the surface of some parts, but also cause serious consequences such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface if these dust enters the hydraulic system. Therefore, cleaning after each use is very critical, First, this equipment also has the Wi Fi connection function with the WM after-sales service department located in stabio (CH). We must keep the testing machine clean; The testing machine is installed in a clean, dry house with uniform temperature. At the same time, the possibility of long beam bending test on the machine and the possibility of using mirror extensometer for test should be considered, so enough free area should be left around the testing machine. No special foundation is required for the installation of the main body of the testing machine and the dynamometer. Only check whether the testing machine is a normal foundation in detail according to the foundation drawing before making the general sample, and leave the anchor screw hole for pouring. To find the level of the main body of the testing machine, put the level gauge on the outer circle of the oil cylinder and find the level according to the vertical and horizontal positions of the base and the horizontal direction. Use a level gauge with an accuracy of 0.10/1000 mm to find 1 grid, and add a sizing block under the base to adjust if it is not normal. There are two holes on the top of the dynamometer for threading steel wire rope during reinstallation. The level of the dynamometer of the universal testing machine is very important. When finding the level, align the left side of the swing rod with the scribed line of the standard line plate and keep it stationary, and then use a bent ruler to lean against the large surface of the upper part of the swing rod and put a 0.1/1000 mm level on the bent ruler to find 2 grids. When it is not right, add a sizing block under the base, and the pointer must be aligned with the zero point without hanging the thallium. Open the iron door above the back of the dynamometer and check whether the wire of the small hammer is wound in the groove of the coaxial pinion of the pointer. The length of the wire rope should be appropriate, not too long or too short. The limit is that the longest rope can not touch the diaphragm. The shortest one is that the pinion rotates for a week, and the aging hammer will not touch the pinion

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