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A compilation of successful cases of foreign on-demand printing and publishing

lightning source is a pioneer in providing on-demand publishing services. The company was founded in 1997 and expanded its business to the UK in 2001. In June, 2003, the company printed 10million books on demand, which became a milestone in the history of the company. In June, 2004, the UK branch of the company also achieved the goal of printing 1million books on demand. The average print volume of the order accepted by the company is only 2 copies, almost all of which are produced by digital printing equipment. In order to highlight the service characteristics of the company, the service tenet of the company is the power of one

in order to solve the problem of publishing digital resources on demand, the company has cooperated with 2500 publishing houses around the world to establish a huge resource library. At present, it has more than 200000 books to order. In the process of building the resource library, the company has accumulated rich e-book resources and has the service ability of information digitization. These information digitization services include the management and storage of digital content, digital copyright management, safe e-book sending and on-demand book publishing services, which indicates that the company has been involved in the production and distribution of e-books

it is very natural for on-demand publishing service providers and e-book service providers to penetrate each other's businesses. Both on-demand publishing and e-book business need the support of resource libraries, and the storage format of data in some resource libraries is universal (such as PD load F, etc.). In other words, this resource can be used as e-books or on-demand publishing. Although both PDF files have different requirements for e-books and on-demand publishing, as long as more efforts are made in content management and PDF generation technology, digital resources suitable for e-books and digital resources suitable for on-demand publishing can be generated at the same time. Therefore, for lightning source, e-books are a by-product of on-demand publishing services

lightning source's self positioning is we are on demand

2. Donnelly pubselect service

Donnelly company, the largest teaching book printing center in North America, launched the so-called dynamic publishing service pubselect. The specific service process is as follows

① publishers provide relevant content

Donnelly first established a station, and then negotiated with publishers and other content providers to put content according to the disciplines and categories defined by the station, such as previously published textbooks and unpublished case studies, experimental reports, etc

② teachers customize textbooks

teachers in schools browse and find these contents, and then organize the contents from different data sources in any order. Of course, they can also add their own materials to form the content of customized textbooks

③ prepare materials and generate the format required for printing

the background system of pubselect will automatically re page the content selected by the user, create new chapter numbers, generate new directories and indexes, and finally generate PDF files for printing and proofing

④ order submission, tracking and on-demand printing

after completing content selection and PDF file proofing, users provide information about schools, course names, number of classes and the time when textbooks need to be customized. After submitting the printing order, the publishing society will issue users with an ISBN number, and finally send the book to the school bookstore

in pubselect service, Donnelly is only responsible for printing, and the copyright is the responsibility of the publisher. When launching this service, when Nelly asked for advice from a number of university professors, most of them expressed support for this approach. Donali hopes to extend pubselect service to primary and secondary school textbooks and internal textbooks and materials of enterprises in the next step

pubselect is one of the models that conform to the development trend of rapid growth of personalized printing. There are several differences between pubselect service and lightning source's on-demand publishing service. First of all, pubselect is more flexible and full in the use of digital content. This flexibility puts forward higher requirements for the structure and content management level of the resource library. What is stored in the resource library must be highly structured digital content. Secondly, whether the final output product is an official publication or not, the attraction of this service will not be reduced. As long as the copyright problem is solved, the whole service can also be established. Therefore, we also call this kind of service on-demand information service or on-demand publishing service

3. The integration of BookSurge e-books and on-demand publishing

in April 2005, Amazon acquired BookSurge to promote the new business of on-demand publishing

in January, 2005, booksurger reached an agreement with ebrary, a Book Distribution provider, to allow users of ebrary to order the printed version of books in electronic format. The experimental machine is specially used to apply torque to samples. In addition to the above two companies, the agreement also involves some publishers and libraries. The first beneficiaries of this Agreement are the school library. The article is a review of previous works of the original competition, because the books needed by the library are generally short editions, and users are not very sensitive to costs. In order to implement this agreement, the two sides have carried out a project cooperation. The project will enter the beta phase in the second half of this year

it should be said that this is a win-win agreement. BookSurge has only thousands of on-demand publishing resources, which is far from meeting the needs of customers. The publishing resources owned by ebrary cannot be printed in the traditional way due to the circulation problem, which also cannot meet the needs of customers. Through this agreement, BookSurge has greatly increased the digital resources of on-demand publishing, and ebrary can provide users with printed versions of e-books. Seybold called this agreement another step forward in the development of book publishing in the digital age

this is another example of the integration of e-book business and on-demand publishing business

4. Digitaldrucke Bayerlein print on demand

digitaldrucke Bayerlein (hereinafter referred to as Bayerlein) is a digital printing service provider established in 1999 in southern Germany. Since September 2004, Bayerlein has started to provide newspaper print on demand services

the process of printing the whole service on demand is roughly as follows

① the newspaper office provides the data of the page

② the newspaper office issues printing volume indicators to Bayerlein as required

③ Bayerlein distributes newspapers to service providers, who then hand them over to newspaper retail outlets

the newspaper office believes that although the production cost of this way of producing newspapers on demand is higher than that of traditional printing, it reduces the freight and real-time delivery, and reduces the waste caused by inaccurate forecast of newspaper sales. On the whole, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

in October 2004, Bayerlein began the trial operation of the on-demand printing business. The first batch of service objects were the weekly Washington Post, the Jerusalem Post in the automotive industry, Joong ang of South Korea and the times of India, four international newspapers. Newspapers produced by Bayerlein are sent to book and newspaper retail outlets in southern Germany. It can be seen that Bayerlein mainly serves non mainstream newspapers, that is, newspapers with small circulation and uncertainty. Before using digital printing to produce newspapers, they were often produced in distant printing plants and transported locally by long-distance transportation

after the successful trial run of on-demand newspaper printing, Bayerlein expanded the service scope of on-demand newspaper printing and began to supply more newspaper distributors in Bavaria. These distributors include hotels, airlines, embassies, international exhibitions, etc. In particular, Bayerlein provided 700 copies of "Evening Post" and "Swedish Evening News" for the World Ski Championships held in Oberstdorf in February 2005

at present, Bayerlein's business has increased almost every month. At present, there are as many as 15 newspapers it cooperates with. At the same time, we have established a new company internationalnewsprint with our marketing partners, which will provide newspapers to different target customers all over the world

bayerlein hopes that more foreign tourists can see his hometown's newspapers in Germany, hopes to make it an active member of the market through cooperation with small publishers, hopes to provide international newspapers for the host city of the 2006 World Cup, and hopes to improve the ideal media for advertisers and brochure inserts. Bayerlein's ideal is to provide end customers with newspapers tailored to their preferences

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