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transform from a manufacturing power to a smart manufacturing power, and digital empowerment is undoubtedly the core means. With the acceleration of the construction of the new development pattern of the modern industrial system, there are still some problems in China's industrial upgrading, such as unclear concepts, emphasis on hard work and preference for soft work. Combined with a variety of advanced technologies, the industrial cloud from simple connection to deep empowerment will not only trigger the next leap in traditional manufacturing industry, but also drive the development of urban industrial clusters from small, scattered and low-energy to the directory and cutting-edge of high-precision CMA national quality inspection center. In fact, the technology converged on the cloud is bringing great changes to the industry and society. A small step taken by Chinese enterprises on the cloud is a big step to lead industrial upgrading and realize the leap of China's industrial clusters, and it is also a real industrial leap

innovation has reached an unprecedented new height, and the development of the industry has embarked on a new journey

the transformation from traditional industries to new industries can also reduce costs and revitalize the rise of industries.

the industrial system is being reshaped,

has also been injected with new vitality and momentum.

when the industry enters high-quality development,

urban potential will be fully activated,

regional economic vitality will also be accelerated.

as a new paradigm of industrial development, a number of Huawei cloud industry cloud innovation centers will set sail for innovation, It helps to transform the old and new kinetic energy of the industry, and brings digital enabling services such as devcloud software development cloud, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, IOT, ar/vr, smart car, Kunpeng ecology, blockchain to the industry, which has become an important engine for cultivating new kinetic energy of economic growth

Huawei cloud Changzhou Industrial interconnection innovation center enables industrial ecology and continues to promote the development of interconnection + advanced manufacturing industries. So far, it has provided digital transformation consulting services for more than 1000 enterprises and helped nearly 200 enterprises to go to the cloud

1. The standardized operation steps of the impact specimen notch broaching machine of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. Huawei cloud (Songshanhu) industrial interconnection innovation center has created a benchmark national industrial interconnection ecosystem and industrial cluster highland, helping advanced manufacturing enterprises open up the research, production, supply and marketing service system, and continue to incubate many innovative industrial chains

Huawei (Suzhou) AI innovation center has practiced inclusive AI, and comprehensively created intelligent + city and intelligent + industrial innovation pilot fields and AI industry clusters, so that AI technology can benefit more enterprises

Huawei (Nanjing) AI Innovation Center empowers traditional industries and makes cities smarter, creating a sample of AI + smart city transformation and upgrading. So far, it has provided cloud technology empowerment for 77 enterprises and trained 55 AI developers

Huawei (Chongqing) AI innovation center has led the construction of a new highland of the digital economy industry, explored the way for the implementation of artificial intelligence applications in mountain cities and rivers, and supported 108 local enterprises to go to the cloud

Huawei cloud Foton artificial intelligence and software development cloud innovation center continues to empower start-ups, accelerate the digital transformation of technology enterprises, and has provided cloud service support to 91 enterprises and industry associations

Huawei cloud (Xi'an) artificial intelligence innovation center has created a benchmark of artificial intelligence and helped the digital transformation of aerospace remote sensing satellite industrial clusters

driven by advanced technology, Huawei Shanghai 5g innovation center aims to create an ecological future of 5g cutting-edge industries and provide 5g innovation support for emerging industries such as intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, video industry, and intelligent car coupling

Huawei Shanghai 5g+xr innovation center uses technology to warm the hearts of every urban resident and enrich the application scenarios of every VR industry. At present, it has used technology to help 50 enterprises realize digital transformation

Huawei (Shenyang) VR cloud innovation center promotes the rapid transformation of the virtual pants tearing force real innovation area, continuously serves VR enterprises with talent focus and technology application, and successfully helps 35 enterprises in the region realize cloud transformation

Huawei cloud Xiamen Innovation Center accelerates the transformation of digitalization and intelligence of industrial clusters, helps the intellectualization of the whole manufacturing industry, and promotes 528 local enterprises in Xiamen to go deep into the cloud, including 241 industrial enterprises and 287 software enterprises, with a cumulative reduction of enterprise costs of about 800million yuan

Huawei Qingdao joint software innovation center promotes the aggregation of software industry and creates a business card of software information industry and cloud computing industry base. As of last September, it has provided professional cloud services for more than 20 projects in Qingdao high tech Zone, such as sky project, smart transportation project, smart education project, etc

at present, Huawei cloud industry cloud has landed more than 120 innovation centers and industrial cluster research bases across the country. By combining more than 300 partners, it has carried out digital transformation for more than 17000 manufacturing enterprises and provided digital transformation services for more than 1million enterprise users. From the business flow, it has conducted in-depth Research on five categories of manufacturing scenarios, including production, supply, marketing and service. With the practical experience and advantages of industrial clusters such as electronics and equipment, it has expanded its coverage to automobiles, petrochemicals 15 industrial clusters such as steel. Build an enabling platform from the enterprise growth life cycle, and realize the leap from small enterprises to large enterprises, and from large enterprises to excellent enterprises

facing the future, Huawei cloud industry cloud innovation center will also take root in more cities and regions, bring digital enabling services to the industry, help the overall upgrading of industrial development, and grow into the sun. New industrial development, choose Huawei cloud industrial cloud

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