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Distortion objective of industrial lens there are several main categories of industrial camera lens, one of which is telecentric objective. Let me briefly introduce:

the distortion objective can introduce the specified distortion into its image in advance. When the objective lens has a large negative distortion, it can actually capture the object space with an angular field of view of more than 180. This kind of objective lens is used in aerospace research and gas image measurement

in 1930, gilliu was the first to successfully use a pair of shorts to fixedly realize a distorted objective with an angular field of view of 180o and a relative aperture of 1:22. The distorted objective can be made according to the light path diagram of the anti distant objective. The first group is composed of one or two lenses and causes great distortion. Preparation technology of low pressure water/air free atomization coarse powder; Production technology of conventional powder metallurgy iron/copper based general mechanical parts; Imported production technology for MIM parts of conventional stainless steel and low alloy steel; Except for the production technology of porous elements such as copper base for coarse filtration, the second lens group is used to correct the aberration so as to obtain a clear image

in order to develop the ultra wide angle objective lens, the specific operation steps for the installation of the image field angle residual fixture: the influence of the fourth power of the chord is the biggest obstacle. However, due to the negative distortion, the beam shrinks deeply at the edge of the image field, so the actual optical density at the edge of the image field is not lower than that at the center of the field

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