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Look at coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry differently

"the development of coal chemical technology can be said to be very mature, but there are still many disputes in coal chemical industry. Some people say it is a technological progress, while others say it is a retrogression." Zhangmingsen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and deputy chief engineer of Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry, has obvious advantages. As soon as he talks about coal chemical industry, he talks with confidence

"in fact, we can not simply look at whether coal chemical industry is progressing or regressing. We should look at it from different perspectives under different conditions." Zhangmingsen said that coal chemical industry is slightly more complex than petrochemical industry if it is simply from the process and technical level

"For example, in terms of making ethylene, oil is very simple. Once it is put into the furnace, it can be turned into ethylene without adding any catalyst. There are a lot of things in it, such as propylene and butene, which can be directly separated. If coal is used to make ethylene, it is necessary to turn coal into syngas, syngas into methanol, and methanol into ethylene. Each step is very complex, which is a process of energy consumption and pollution 。” Zhangmingsen gives an example

the process of the occurrence and production of everything is a complex process. We can't simply look at it from one side. Zhangmingsen said, "the same is true for petrochemical and coal chemical industries."

although coal chemical industry is slightly more complicated than petrochemical industry in terms of technology, on the other hand, coal is the basic energy for us to make your work more stable. We should carefully browse the relevant product manuals and make better use of coal as a resource. At the same time, it is also a national development strategy. From this perspective, coal chemical industry is progressive

"of course, the above factors are not the most important to judge which is advanced and which is backward!" Zhangmingsen stressed, "Whoever can make profits is advanced."

zhangmingsen said that whether it can be profitable depends on the full cost, which includes the costs of raw materials, technology and environmental protection. These are all under equal conditions. From a regional perspective: for example, petrochemicals, and the rigidity of the sample itself will not be too large. In areas with oil, such as coastal areas and the Middle East, petrochemicals must be advanced. If coal is brought to the Middle East to be used in coal chemical industry, it will certainly not be profitable or advanced. On the contrary, for example, in Xinjiang, where coal resources are abundant and local materials are used, coal chemical industry is certainly more suitable than petrochemical industry. To do petrochemical industry, we need to transport oil to Xinjiang first, then do chemical industry, and calculate various costs. Even with the further progress of technology, coal chemical industry is more suitable for development than petrochemical industry

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