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The dispatching case of Yunyi communication Zhaojin mining industry Co., Ltd.

Zhaojin mining industry Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 1818) and its subsidiaries were jointly established by Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fosun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yu Garden tourism mall Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangxin Investment Co., Ltd. * and Shanghai Laomiao gold Co., Ltd. with the approval of Shandong Provincial People's government, A joint stock limited company incorporated in the people's Republic of China on april16,2004 has been successfully listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited on december8,2006

I. customer demand background

insiders in the mine have proposed to increase the import tariff of the panel to 8% (1) 2% production scheduling communication, so as to realize the scheduling functions such as recording, monitoring, forced disassembly, forced insertion, full call, group call, conference, direct connection, one button, plan, fax, etc

dispatching communication between sub mine and PSTN

dispatching communication between ore separation and ore separation

dispatching communication between general dispatcher and sub mine

compatible with existing systems, large number of cables, and retaining existing investment

communication with other regions and branches, administrative office communication

equipment centralized management function: many dispatching equipment realize unified centralized management

there is a speakerphone in the sub mine, that is, the broadcasting function is realized

realize unified address book for all mine dispatching and administration, and lay a good foundation for future integrated dispatching and other communication applications

realize integration and interworking with existing video conference system, wireless intercom and other systems

in the future, the technology used to confirm the performance of a method should be one of the following or a combination of them: unified emergency dispatching command

in the future, all branches will form a unified integrated communication/dispatching network to support the access of analog, IP, video, monitoring, 3G intelligent terminals and the services required

II. Group scheme

III. group description

highly integrated dispatching host at 2 a.m

it is seamlessly connected with the system on the raw ore to protect the original investment and not change the use habits

fully consider the authority allocation of each mine dispatching system, general dispatching system and future higher dispatching system

core control redundancy hot standby

provide voice, data and multimedia communication services and open architecture

professional core IP switching equipment

terminal access is fast and convenient

simple maintenance, unified planning and management, and reduced investment

the existing conference system, monitoring, wireless intercom and other systems are interconnected, and secondary development API is provided, which is extremely convenient to lay a foundation for the mutual cooperation of various systems in the future. For example, video monitoring + Voice scheduling, personnel positioning + Voice scheduling work together

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